Need Men's Casual Shoes? We've Got You Covered at Spendless!

Are you looking for the easiest way to upgrade and elevate your looks?


If yes, you need not look far, as Spendless New Zealand has the answer to all your needs regarding men's casual shoes. 


Whether you need footwear for your upcoming trip overseas to escape the country's cold weather or a boost in your daily attire, you can find all you need at Spendless NZ.


The brand has been providing casual shoes for years. Most guys come for a visit, in-store and online, to check out new styles. 


Loyal customers keep returning because each pair of casual shoes offers unparalleled comfort, support, and versatility. Where else can you find footwear that ticks all the necessary features and is affordable too?


With men's casual shoes from Spendless NZ, you will always stay within your budget, especially since the brand has flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later. 


Get to know the different footwear styles deserving of a spot in your shoe closet with help from the team at Spendless NZ. If you're ready, let's dive into it!


Style 1—Sneakers


Sneakers may be a guy's first casual shoes, especially if they started playing sports early. 


However, more people recognised the footwear's impeccable style and comfort and decided to wear them beyond the gym and courts. These casual shoes evolved into street fashion, becoming a considerable part of guys' daily lives.


Spendless NZ acknowledges this and has two kinds of sneakers for your everyday look: slip-on and lace. 


These two kinds of casual shoes aim to create more outfit combinations that are comfortable and stylish. Not to mention, they are the best travel companions, especially slip-on sneakers.


Cedric is a slip-on canvas casual shoe featuring a thin sole and round-toe design. These sneakers are lightweight and do not take up luggage space. 


Some guys prefer to use this footwear while travelling because it is easy to remove, which is perfect for those airport security checks that require you to remove your footwear.


Guys who prefer adjustability choose laced sneakers. Since most are into white-laced sneakers, the Henley has been a popular choice. 


These Spendless NZ men's casual shoes offer a simple and subtle elegance that elevates your vibe effortlessly. Wear these white sneakers with shorts, joggers, jeans, and even suits, and we guarantee you'll be turning heads in no time!


Style 2—Laced Boots


One of winter's most popular casual shoes is a pair of laced boots. Boots provide more warmth and coverage until the ankles, which practical guys need to get through the cold season. 


But since these men's shoes are trans-seasonal, you can still wear them the rest of the year with proper styling.


While guys aren't too keen on tying laces, especially if they are running late, these laced boots from Spendless NZ have an exciting surprise. 


The functional side zipper secures you inside this footwear within seconds. You will only touch the laces if you're adjusting the fit.


Spendless NZ's Patrol comes in black or brown, two neutral and versatile colours you need in your wardrobe. There has been a constant debate on which colour is better. Are you on team black or team brown?


Either way, these shoes will provide you with the comfort, support, and style you need to get through the day. The boots' smooth and shiny finish can quickly transform your fashion from drab to fabulous!


Style 3—Boat Shoes


If you love water activities, you must have a pair of men's casual boat shoes, also known as topsiders. The footwear's initial purpose was to protect sailors and boatmen when walking on the slippery decks of boats. 


Before these casual shoes existed, the risk of slipping and falling over boats was high.


Over time, topsiders have made it beyond the sea and onto the land. Their slip-on design and distinctive lace pattern on the back of the shoes piqued the interest of men, who decided they deserved a more prominent position in the fashion industry.


The styling that best works with this footwear is anything nautical-related. Stripes, shorts, trousers, and chinos. 


An important reminder when wearing this casual footwear is to ensure your pants end around the ankles, leaving enough skin between the pants and footwear.


Helm and Admiral are excellent casual shoes from Spendless NZ. Their breathable materials are ideal for sunny summer outings, keeping your feet fresh all day.


Style 4—Garden Clogs


Years ago, no one would have considered wearing their garden clogs beyond the garden. But fashion is all about evolution; now, we wear these shoes everywhere. 


The characteristics that made them exemplary garden footwear are why guys wear them everywhere nowadays.


The first reason is comfort. The holes all over this closed-toe casual footwear make them breathable. 


Aside from breathability, these holes provide an easy exit for water, making the clogs ideal for water activities or a rainy day out. They dry quickly, so your feet won't be icky and uncomfortable.


These men's casual footwear are ideal for the garden and beyond because they are slip-resistant. You can wear them on trips to the sea, as they are suitable for boating and swimming.


More importantly, these casual shoes are easy to clean. You can use your garden clogs for indoor and outdoor adventures without worrying about them getting dirty. 


Spendless NZ's Wave Men offer an easy-to-slide-on design, a thick sole, and a support strap for the foot. These men's casual footwear will become your go-to footwear through all weather: rain, hail, or shine. 


Grab What You Need from Spendless NZ!


If you're looking for the perfect pair of casual shoes for men in a very relaxed style, look no further than Spendless. Discover our footwear range, including desert boots, lace-ups, and more, that can compete with famous brands like Julius Marlow and Hush Puppies.


Size conversions might be tricky to keep straight in your head, so use our helpful size chart—UK, US, EU (CM)—conversions to double-check before placing an order. You can get one from the shop and online.


You need not look far for men's casual shoes that fit your needs. Head to the nearest Spendless NZ retailer or online store to grab one. Ensure your footwear remains protected, so add a water and stain protection spray before checking out!