Need Office Appropriate Sandals? We’ve Got You!

Comfort is crucial, especially in demanding environments like the office. Picture yourself preparing for a critical board presentation during the sweltering summer heat. You have all the data and information, yet you struggle to concentrate because of the hot weather, causing discomfort, particularly on your feet. While some do not think it’s related, anything uncomfortable can make you lose focus. The best solution to this issue is to find office-appropriate sandals.


Although you’d typically associate sandals with beach trips and weekend outings, you can find options suitable for the office. Spendless New Zealand offers various options that men and women can take advantage of. The brand’s collection is versatile and designed for work and post-work activities, seamlessly blending style and comfort to ensure your feet are cosy and stylish as you face the busy day ahead. 


Because of Spendless NZ’s broad collection, some options are too casual, like rubber thongs, which suit beach outings. Instead, we will focus on options that exude professionalism, giving you the polished look necessary for the office. With separate collections for men’s and women’s sandals, we will highlight suitable options from each category. It’s time to add comfort and style to your office experience. Let’s get started!


The Dos and Don’ts


Before we tackle the Spendless NZ options you should add to your summer work wardrobe, let us review the guidelines for things to consider. Wearing sandals to the office has been a long-running debate, and it can be hit or miss. If the office has relaxed its dress code to accommodate the summer season, ensure they look appropriate for business. 


Bare feet can be off-putting, so everyone planning to expose them must be sure their feet and toes are clean and groomed. As mentioned, rubber thong sandals or flip-flops are rarely acceptable and make a distracting sound. Sandals with heels, even short ones, are more acceptable for work, so check out the options with this feature. If you prefer flattering options, ensure that you pair them with more sophisticated and structured outfits. Moreover, colour can also make sandals more work-appropriate. Black is a favourite shade because of its innate formality and professional vibe.


Men’s Collection


You can find the complete collection of men’s sandals from Spendless NZ grouped as one, unlike the women’s collection, which you will discover later. Most men’s sandals in the collection are better suited for outdoor activities such as camping or long summer nights at the beach; however, one option treads the line of office-appropriateness. As it’s a common practice in many corporate offices for men to avoid exposing their toes or keeping them to a minimum, we recommend choosing a closed-toe option with a sturdy design that shows as minimal skin as possible.


Consider Spendless NZ’s Sturt sandals, an ideal summer office footwear for guys. If you can’t bear the heat, this sandal option will keep you stylish and cosy. With durable leather that enables your feet to breathe and move comfortably, you can ace that critical report you are working on without a glitch. Like those gladiator styles, these fully enclosed sandals will go well with socks if you’re uncomfortable going bare. The grooved sole and supportive base provide unbeatable grip and traction to ensure stability as you navigate your back-to-back meetings. Summer workdays and dress-down Fridays will never be the same with these exceptional Sturt leather sandals.


Women’s Collection


Men may express disappointment at the unfairness of the situation because, compared to their limited options, the ladies have so many to choose from. Spendless NZ’s women’s sandals collection comes in four categories: slides, comfort, thongs, and rubber thongs. Let’s exclude the rubber thongs, as we have emphasised that they are more suitable for the beach. As for the rest, you have plenty of options for wearing to work. 


Following our guidelines, you might consider heeled sandals for a more professional look. You don’t need to bear with stilettos for them to be appropriate for work, knowing that those thin, narrow bases are far from providing comfort; a pair of platform sandals will suffice.


Take Spendless NZ’s Venom, for example, with its thick, chunky block heel and supportive platform sole. The open-toe design of these sandals makes working on your tasks more comfortable, while the strappy detailing adds a touch of elegance to your look. Venom effortlessly transitions from day to night, allowing you to enjoy after-work dinners in style. 


Another sandal style you can wear to work is the strappy one. Strappy sandals, with their open-toed design and accompanying straps in various forms, are a summer wardrobe that complements multiple outfits for different occasions, including weddings, work, running errands, and dinner dates. 


Embrace the sophisticated elegance of Spendless NZ’s Titan. These sandals are ideal for work, with their shiny metallic bands, braided strap, and charming feature strap around the big toe. The host of straps creates a sexy silhouette on your feet, boosting your office style. With Titan’s airy feel and flexible flat soles, these sandals can transition from business formal to casual.


Why Spendless NZ Sandals?


Spendless NZ sandals are versatile enough to take you anywhere, from the office to the restaurant. With a commitment to providing premium options without breaking the bank, Spendless NZ can make your summer and warmer months workdays more comfortable, stylish, and affordable. Where else can you find fashion-world sandals at such reasonable prices, all available with flexible payment options and first-purchase discounts? 


The women’s sandal collection features five affordable price ranges, while the men’s collection offers four. Choose the perfect pair that you’ll proudly wear at the office, purchase it now, and pay for it in instalments later! 


The unbeatable shopping experience at Spendless NZ will keep you hooked. With a few clicks, you can find everything you need at the brand’s online store—explore the various options, read detailed descriptions, compare colours like nude sandals and white sandals, and find the right size. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with crowds and long queues and wait for your sandals to arrive at your doorstep within days.


What are you waiting for? Get your office sandals now!