New Season Men’s Casual Shoe Trends You Need In Your Wardrobe

Get on trend with Spendless this season! We’ve got the hottest men's casual shoes at the best prices, and they’re ready to join your collection. What kind of styles do we recommend for our New Zealand customers?


Men's casual shoes come in all selected styles and shapes. You can also use a size guide. We’ve picked a handful of our customer’s favourites to discuss today. Once we’re done, we’re sure you’ll feel inspired for the new season! Let’s begin!


Trendy Sneakers Are A Must-have Mens Shoes For Your Collection!


Simple designs like our sneakers, lace up boot, slip on shoes, sport shoes , leather loafers, and trainers should always have a place in your wardrobe. We probably don’t need to tell you that sneaker-style mens footwear are trans-seasonal and look as good with long pants as they do with shorts.


Still, we promised to tell you which designs you should have on your shopping list in 2021, and that’s what we’ll do! Our sport shoes, sneakers, are classic lace up shoes styles, so you can adjust their size guide to the narrow, average, or wide fit footwear size you need to suit your feet.


With flexible and sporty soles there to support your feet and slight padding for a cosy feel, these men’s casual shoes offer long-lasting comfort for hours and hours, our product care. If you have a long or busy day ahead of you and need footwear, you can rely on. Then sneakers or slip on shoes should be your first choice!


Now, what else can we tell you about the mens shoes in this collection? You should know that there are plenty of mens new arrivals styles to see in 2021 and different colour options. Are you looking for an easy-to-match pair? Black and white mens shoes will be an easy pick.


Of course, if you’d prefer a more eye-catching shade, Spendless also has sneakers (product care) in navy, brown, green finishes. Did we mention that we also have mens footwear in fun high-top designs? These tall sneakers ( sport shoes) have high-cut ankle cuffs, pin-punched detailing on top, and a relaxed vibe fit for cross training, driving shoes, activity trackers, boat shoes, trail running, or just casual mens footwear.


You’re spoiled for choice with our fantastic selection of men’s product care!


Boots Should Be Your Go-to For Winter!


To be frank, you’ll get your fair share of wear out of these mens shoes during any time of the year.

They are incredibly versatile, after all! it is good to use as fathers day gift. But, since we’re talking about designs you need in your wardrobe right now, it’s only fair that we include a segment about the best men’s casual boots you can have during cold weather!


Our casual boots come in too many designs to cover in a single go, which is why we’ve decided to focus on a few of our brand's most favourite brands items. If you’re looking for trendy men’s casual boots, then our biker casual boots / ankle boots and  lace up boot would be a great addition to your wardrobe. 


Combat boots come with a classic lace up shoes front, thick soles, woven lace, glossy faux leather casual shoes material, and a convenient side zipper. They’re men’s selected footwear with a bold and classic vibe.


Pair biker boots or lace up boot with your favourite jeans, shirt, and leather jacket, and you’ll look ready for a night out with the boys, a music festival, home gym, activity trackers, a party, and any semi-formal event you could imagine. Now, what about men’s casual shoes that you can dress up a bit more?


Spendless has sophisticated black and tan lace up boot for you as well. The great thing about our ankle boots, lace up boot, and casual boots is that you can style them to suit your needs. For instance, if you want to wear our sleek selected styles like mens footwear, you can throw on jeans and a sweatshirt.


If you want to wear your casual boots out to a dinner date, work function, or a semi-formal venue, then dress pants, a collared shirt, and a blazer will be a brilliant match.


How Is Your Collection Of Slippers Looking?


Believe us. You should always take time to stock up on cosy men’s dress shoes, casual lace up shoes, especially this season! We know your focus will be on pairs you can wear outside of the home, but don’t underestimate the importance of product care slippers.


After a long day at work, on a frosty morning, or when you want to kick back and relax around the house, having a warm and cosy set of men’s smart casual shoes is essential. At Spendless, we have three main designs for you to choose from: slipper casual boots, fluffy slides, and soft slip on shoes styles.


Slides are the ideal mens footwear for guys whose feet overheat in full-length slippers. The fuzzy inner lining will keep your toes toasty and warm, and they have the easiest and fastest fit onto your feet.


Slip on shoes are the next level up. These completely encase your foot, so they’re sure to be a hit during the coldest winter nights. Our favourite mens shoes in this style come with product care contrast stitching, supremely soft fabric, and plush wool lining.


Last but by no means least, we have slipper casual boots. If you can’t stand having cold ankles, or you’re looking for something with a sole that can handle a trip outside, then our slipper boots are your ideal men’s smart casual shoes.


With their classic, smart casual, design, fuzzy lining, and soft material, these are a perfect pair to wear with your pyjamas, sweatpants, and other lazy-day clothing. There are heaps for you to have a look at this season, so make sure you have a peruse of our slipper-style men’s casual selected styles shoes online!


Why Wait?


Come and browse the Spendless website today! We’re sure you’ll find a great pair of selected styles of men’s selected footwear in our collection. Did you know that we offer express delivery service to New Zealand? That’s right!


Whether you’re from Auckland, Christchurch, or anywhere other extra wide NZ city, we’ll make sure that you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on your new men’s dress shoes. For orders under $40, we charge a flat express shipping rate of $10.


But customers who spend over $40 receive free express shipping! How fantastic is that? It’s worth checking out our range of  shoes care accessories like mens socks, if you’re a few dollars under the free delivery threshold and want to sneak over the line!


Today, the best men’s casual shoes of the season are only a few clicks away!