New Summer Heels You Won’t Want To Take Off!


Summer is almost here! Is your wardrobe prepared for the hot weather and the holiday season? You’d better hurry up if you want the best heels of year! We all know that things start getting hectic from November to January, so it pays to get ready early. After all, you don’t want to be scrambling around to find cute and comfy heels to take out, or you’ll be too stressed to enjoy yourself. Today, Spendless Shoes is going to talk you through some tips and our top styles as we inch closer and closer to 2020. Are you ready? Let’s have a look!


Remember to search for heels that you can take outdoors


When every party, celebration, and get-together this summer wants to take advantage of the hot weather, you need heels that are prepared (and comfortable) to go outside. Lawns, decks, and loose gravel spell disaster for most stilettos, so we recommend you stick to broad-based styles like espadrilles and block heels. For a start, wider heels have an easier time balancing on soft, loose, and uneven surfaces. Plus, shoes like these provide better support for your feet too, which means you’ll get long-lasting comfort.


You could grab our low mule heels for your collection


We’re sure you’ll love having these on your feet! Our favourites from this range come with square-cut toes, dainty straps, and cute open-heeled designs. Heels like these mules (or something similar) would make a great office style too, as long as you’re allowed to have your toes uncovered. After all, they’re a natural match with culottes and other summery pants!


If you want to stand out, our see-through heels will work wonders!


It’s no surprise that more ladies are choosing to take our crystal-clear shoes home! You’d be hard-pressed to find a style with a more modern feel! Do you have a hard time trying to match your most colourful summer tops and patterned pants with your shoes? You’ll love the easy styling of our see-through heels! It’s impossible to make these translucent shoes clash with your clothes since they’re colourless. As such, you’ll be able to wear these, again and again, this summer!


Give our espadrilles a try!


We have sky-high versions of our espadrille heels, but don’t be intimidated. At Spendless, we’ve got plenty of shorter ones for you as well. These wedge heels are our top pick for ladies who love bohemian vibes and shoes that can give them a decent height boost. You can go from dusk until dawn with these on your feet, and look great doing it! Picking a favourite version of these heels is a challenge, but at Spendless, we think ones with twisted fabric toe bands are summer essentials!


Our flatforms are the perfect in-between option!


If you love the idea of wearing heels casually this summer, but don’t trust yourself not to get sore feet or roll an ankle, then flatforms would be a great pick! Shoes in this style have the feel of espadrilles, but without any of the pain-causing incline, thanks to their thick and levelled soles. We have to recommend these heels for party wear and casual outings this season since they look lovely with denim shorts and skirts. You can try ones with self-tie straps, single bands around the toes and ankles, or big bands that create cute peep-toes.


Don’t wait to find your ideal heels! Browse through our collection today!


You deserve our most comfortable and gorgeous heels this season. We have so many on offer, so come and treat yourself to a new pair! There’s no way you’ll leave empty-handed. Have fun spending less on your next set from Spendless Shoes!