On-Trend Styles of Men’s Casual Shoes for 2023

Is it that time of year when you’re evaluating your wardrobe and feel it needs an upgrade?

You came to the right place, as Spendless New Zealand has a couple of recommendations regarding the trending men’s casual shoes for 2023. Your wardrobe needs a new addition that will create more outfit combinations from the existing ones.

Choosing men’s shoes must depend on your lifestyle. For example, do you work out a lot? Or maybe you spend most of your weekends doing water activities?

Your shoes must fit what you do to get the most out of them. But you should not box them up and limit them to only one aspect of your life. 

Although trying new styles is always exciting, Spendless NZ's footwear is versatile enough that you can find other opportunities to wear the same pair.

Are you excited to discover the various 2023 styles?

If yes, let’s get the ball rolling with the help of the Spendless NZ team. First, we’ll go through the different kinds of men’s casual shoes that deserve a spot in your closet. One thing's for sure, though, whatever style you choose, it's worth it. 

Style 1—White Sneakers

White sneakers have been on the trending list since they came out, proving they are here to stay. If you still have not added white sneakers to your closet, why not?

Every man’s footwear rotation should include a pair of white sneakers for one reason: you can pair them with anything. So these are the things you need to elevate your daily look. 

The colour is unfailingly versatile, while the simplicity and bareness of frivolity add elegance and mystery. Plus, people will think you have excellent hygiene since you can maintain the pristine beauty of these shoes.

Spendless NZ’s white sneakers are the epitome of what you see is what you get. If you’re a no-fuss guy, you’ll appreciate how these lace-ups look good without trying too hard. 

Apart from the aesthetics, these white sneakers remain comfortable throughout, with breathability ensuring your feet stay fresh all day. Bonus points go to the ankle padding that contrasts the all-white look of the men’s casual shoes.

As mentioned, styling is a breeze because white goes with anything. Wear these shoes with athletic separates, such as joggers, hoodies, and a round-neck t-shirt. Complete the look with sunglasses. 

Style 2—Boat Shoes—Perfection of Relaxed Style

Men’s casual boat shoes have always sparked interest for their intriguing designs. Of course, not everyone automatically gets it, but once the footwear has grown on you, you’ll never look elsewhere again.

These shoes, also known as topsiders or deck shoes, were initially intended for the safety of sailors and boaters, hence the name. Sailors kept slipping and falling from the boat’s deck because of the wet surface, so they considered creating footwear to keep them steady.

Years later, they have gone from water to land, and rightfully so. More guys have recognised the value of this footwear beyond the boat and have started wearing it at most of their events. Have you seen how gorgeous they are?

You can identify the men’s casual boat shoes from a kilometre away because of the lace-up fastening around the top edge of the shoe. 

This unique feature’s original purpose was to secure the footwear as the boaters walked across a wet deck. Nobody wanted to lose their shoes to the sea.

The available topsiders at Spendless NZ have thin, supportive soles and breathable outer material to ensure you have the best time under the sun. 

So if you’re into yachting, fishing, or vacationing near bodies of water, you’d better invest in these trending shoes. Not only will they make you look and feel extra good, but they’ll also keep you from slipping and falling overboard.

Try to imbibe a nautical vibe when styling men’s casual boat shoes. Wear them on vacation with you and match them with chino shorts and striped shirts. Complete the look with a bucket hat!

By the way, wearing these with invisible socks from Spendless NZ is best. That way, you maintain the no-sock rule and protect your feet from constant rubbing that may lead to blisters. 

Style 3—Slip-On Sneakers 

More guys are fawning over easy-to-wear casual shoes because they value their time and would rather spend precious minutes doing something better. That is why slip-on sneakers have been trending and will continue to do so.

These casual shoes deserve a spot in your wardrobe because they make dressing up easy. In addition, more people are bringing them on trips because they are appropriate for all the activities on their itinerary. Therefore, special occasions are the perfect time to flaunt these gems!

Wear these casual sneakers on the plane, especially on a long-haul flight. You’ll be happy with how easy it is to slide them on and off for comfort. In addition, this is the perfect pair to have on while dealing with stressful airport security inspections, as taking them off doesn't take time.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you can change into khaki chino shorts and a collared button-down, which will still work with your men’s casual slip-ons. Sightseeing in these lightweight sneakers is a great idea. 

The relaxed style will surprise you with all the ground you’ve covered without experiencing pain or discomfort.

Spendless NZ men’s casual slip-ons come in several colours, but we’d like you to consider getting the brown one. The colour breathes life into an otherwise ordinary day dominated by black footwear. 

This collection of casual shoes has unique patch detailing and a subtle shiny finish for a stylish vibe. Match them with jeans, shorts, and khaki chinos; if you’re game, they look sleek with navy blue suits too! 

Elevate Your Closet This 2023 with Spendless NZ! 

Join the trend and be one of the owners of these gorgeous men’s casual shoes! All it takes is one pair to improve your mood, make you look good, and boost your confidence!

Men can get the best casual shoes in the Spendless range without sacrificing sophistication. With our collection, you can maintain the highest levels of comfort and durability while maintaining a fashionable appearance.

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