Our Best-Selling Men's Sneaker Is This One… Here's Why!

New Zealand guys love to put in a good workout. Keeping fit is an essential part of their lifestyle, which is good for their health. 

These activities—going to the gym, doing CrossFit HIIT exercises, or a good run—are excellent stress relievers that can help guys forget a tough day at work.

However, these exercises can cause strain and injury if you are not wearing the proper men's sneakers. Most guys know that, so they invest in one, which is why our best-selling men's sneaks are laced trainers.

Wearing shoes that match your activities is essential to your foot health. So, ensure that when you get the laced trainers from Spendless New Zealand, you're getting the correct men's sneakers for what you're doing.

Discover more about these coveted shoes with the help of the Spendless NZ team. Learn why laced trainers are our best-selling style of men's sneaks! Let's get to it!

1. Supports multi-directional movement

Workouts and highly intense gym activities require multi-directional movements. Wearing these men's sneakers will keep you safe and injury-free while you perform lateral or side-to-side movements. 

These men's sneaks are the best if you complete the following activities: jumping, cutting, breaking, stopping, and quick direction changes.

2. Versatile

Laced trainers are what you can consider all-in-one gym shoes. 

These men's sneakers are ideal for high-intensity gym classes and outdoor boot camps because they provide increased cushioning and support, making short sprints, jumping jacks, and high knees easier. 

You can also use laced sneaks for strength and agility training, ensuring you can safely perform the required movements.

Since we're on versatility, you can also wear these men's sneaks on casual errands day. The collection of laced trainers at Spendless NZ is attractive and deserves a space in your shoe closet. 

Check out Elevate, a black pair of men's sneaks with thick soles for extra support, mesh material for breathability, and laces for a secure fastening process. Wear these shoes with your joggers and hoodies or shorts and round-neck shirts.

3. Adjustable

The lace fastening allows you to adjust the fit of your men's sneakers, ensuring they are snug and secure. You wouldn't want your trainers to come off during your workout, as it may trip you. 

More importantly, your adjustable men's sneaks provide a personalised fit—tighten or loosen the laces depending on your activity.

4. Stability

Different exercises require good grip and traction. You should be able to stop when you must without toppling forward or twisting your ankles. 

With the help of your men's sneakers and grooved soles and wide outsoles, your feet will remain steady when you move from side to side. Meanwhile, firm heel support ensures ankle stability during weightlifting.

5. Comfortable and supportive

No matter the kind of shoes, your top priority should always be comfort. Never sacrifice this for style because you'll likely suffer in the end. Thankfully, men's sneakers at Spendless NZ are all comfortable. 

The best-selling laced trainers have enough cushioning to support the arch, reducing the risk of sprains. Ideally, your men's sneaks should feel comfortable at the onset and wouldn't require much break-in period.

6. Colourful

Add a little motivation to your workout wardrobe with the colourful, laced trainers at Spendless NZ. The men's sneakers collection is available in four colours: black, blue, grey, and white. 

Sometimes, changing your workout clothes to get your body moving is all it takes. Why do you think many guys also invest in an athleisure wardrobe?

Looking good with the help of your men's sneaks, even before you start working out, boosts your self-esteem, pushing you to maximise them. Consider adding Gridlock to your shoe closet. 

These grey-laced trainers are minimalist in colour but would be the perfect accent to your athleisure. The men's sneaks have a lace-up fit, excellent traction, and a comfy feel.

7. Affordable

Who says you must pay an excessive amount to get quality laced trainers?

You can protect your feet during workouts without breaking the bank with the collection of men's sneaks at Spendless NZ. These shoes have three price ranges: $30 - $40, $40 - $50, and $50+. 

And with the brand's flexible payment systems, you can purchase your men's sneaks now and pay for them in instalments later. You can also watch out for sales and get the laced trainers you like at marked-down prices.

8. Caters to different sizes

An issue that arises when buying men's sneaks is size availability. It can be unfortunate to learn that the footwear you like isn't available in your size. With Spendless NZ, you can guarantee to find a size for you. 

You only need to know your accurate Spendless NZ size because shoe brands may vary. Knowing your size in any of these systems—US, UK, and EU—will be easier because the handy size guide can help you convert that to the Spendless NZ size.

Why invest in these men's sneakers?

You must invest in laced trainers if you're looking for a comfortable, supportive, and injury-free workout experience. 

These men's sneaks can lessen the impact of your step and cushion your feet from heavy landings. More importantly, they save you from injuries like ankle strains, fractures, bunions, and corns.

While Spendless NZ men's sneakers are worth every cent because of all the reasons mentioned, you should replace them when the right time comes; we understand how some guys get attached to their trainers and wear them until they look worn out and overuse. 

However, men's sneaks break down even when they still look good. 

The shoes won't be able to give you the support you require while at the gym once they start breaking down. 

You pay for the comfort, support, and protection these men's sneaks provide because you don't want to start feeling strange aches and pains in your knees, hips, and back. You must change them every six months if you work out frequently.

Spendless NZ Mens' Sneakers Has All Your Needs!

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