Our Boots Style Predictions for 2023

Are you searching for a way to make 2023 different from the previous years? Upgrading your wardrobe is the answer. It's time to change things and let go of your comfort zone. A fabulous pair of boots will do the trick.

If you’ve always been a sneakerhead or a loafer fan, now is the time to explore other options. Of course, not everyone thinks the boots have it, but you’ll be surprised at how they can up the ante when it comes to styling.

Searching for the best one among several styles can be tricky, so let’s look at what the 2023 predictions have for us. People are becoming more creative and daring with their fashion statements, and so should you. 

This guide will point you in the right direction and encourage you to take risks when buying boots. So if you’re ready for a better 2023, let’s go!

1. Knee-High 

Knee-high boots are a fashion statement that will leave everyone staring. Wear clothes that will draw everyone’s eye towards these lovelies as an actual focal piece. Since they reach your knees, somewhat below or over, wear minis.

Showcase these boots with skirts and shorts, even dresses, which end higher than the boots. You can also layer on a trench that ends where the shoe begins. 

Finally, go for the brown knee-high boots at Spendless New Zealand, as they are beautiful. The side zipper will zip you right in for a snug fit!

2. Combat

Get yourself a pair of combat boots if you do not have one yet. These boots are sturdy, stylish, and highly practical. They are the perfect blend of function and fashion that can see you through most days.

Most people wear them with dresses and distressed jeans. Experiment with these key pieces and add some of your own. A couple of black boots at Spendless New Zealand fit the bill. 

They have thick, chunky soles that provide enough traction for slippery surfaces. While laces are the standard fastening, a functional side zipper saves you from the hassle of tying laces!

3. Cowboy

The Western-inspired cowboy boots have crossed over and made waves. So make your way in this eye-catching footwear that will prepare you for the next big event. These boots are popular during music festivals and outdoor events, and you must join the fun.

Since cowboy boots often feature decorative stitching, it’s best to cuff your relaxed-fit, straight-leg jeans. Wear a plain white shirt or use button-down layers. Add a bomber jacket to this combination during chilly weather.

You might like the collection at Spendless NZ, particularly the black calf-length boots, small heels, and pointed toes. Wearing them is easy, thanks to the convenient zipper on the inner side.

4. White

White boots are in for 2023! So, while it can be tricky to keep them spotless, now is the time to experiment. These shoes are not challenging to style because white goes well with anything, right?

You can start with a monochromatic white-on-white outfit. But be sure to stay away from red wine to keep your shoes safe from stains! Next, make date nights exciting by styling a little black dress with white boots and a white clutch from Spendless New Zealand

Finally, now’s the time to wear your floral dress and denim jacket, an outfit combination ideal for wedding showers.

Get ready to turn heads with a pair of white ankle boots. Their block heels and rounded-toe design will keep you comfortable and snug even after long hours.

5. Rain

You do not need to wait for bad weather before you take your rain boots out for a spin. They are a practical and stylish choice to consider for 2023.

We know that the soles keep you steady, and the boots keep you dry, warm, and toasty. All you need is the confidence to step out in them sans rain. 

Style them with your typical sweater and leggings combo! Then, elevate the look even more by swapping the sweater with a flannel shirt.

The available rain boots at Spendless NZ have leopard prints that people can see from a kilometre away. So let the spots shine by wearing a monochromatic black getup!

6. Pointy-Toe

It's time to experiment with pointy-toe boots, which will be trendy in 2023. They have a way of making you look more elegant while making your legs look extra long.

A cute way to rock pointy-toe boots is with a midi skirt, which you can replace with your skinny jeans and a fitted sweater. You can also wear a sleeveless top paired with a ruffled skirt. Own the look and walk with your head held high.

Stay classy with the natural-coloured pointy-toe boots at Spendless New Zealand. You’ll fall in love with the colour and the block heels that will keep you comfortable despite the height. Ensure a snug fit thanks to the inner zipper fastening.

7. Platform

The platform boots combine all three things you need in 2023: height, comfort, and style. Platform footwear adds fun and edge to any look. Despite being high, you will remain comfortable thanks to the block heels at the back and the platform in front. 

In addition, the arches of your feet will feel right at home, and you won’t have to concern yourself with balance.

The best jeans to wear with platform boots are slightly loose and cropped. Add a cropped knit and blazer to complete the look. Bring your A-game with platform boots at Spendless NZ, which come in black or white. 

The square toe and shiny material on the outside of the shoe are the perfect finishing touches to your outfit. In addition, the levelled sole will keep your feet looking and feeling good!

Which One Do You Like Most?

You can buy boots from a Spendless New Zealand store near you or shop online. Take advantage of the flexible payments that let you buy now and pay later. 2023 is the perfect time to experiment and try new things. 

Choose any of the seven styles to add to your wardrobe rotation.

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