Our Matrix Men’s Boots Will Tie Together Your Weekend Perfectly!


Enter the Matrix!

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate men’s boots this season, then look no further! This design blends a timeless look and a modern finish perfectly. Not only are they an ideal match for casual settings and formal events alike, but they're also some of our most comfy too! Do you want to know why you should toss out your tired men’s boots and grab a pair of these instead? Keep reading for a closer look at our Matrix men’s boots, and a few handy hints for how and where to wear them. 


For starters, they look and feel great!


These modern men’s boots are an ideal pick for any guy in 2019. The laced uppers adjust for your ultimate fit, which means you will spend your days and nights in perfect comfort with Matrix. The sleek-looking finish and rounded toes give these men’s boots a sophisticated feel, no matter what sort of clothes you match with them. 


Protect your feet with our men’s boots! 


If you’re heading outdoors, then you will appreciate the extra cover and protection that Matrix men’s boots afford your feet. The higher-cut is the perfect height for long pants, which means you won’t have to worry about cold ankles during winter. Plus, there’s plenty of space to squeeze in your favourite woolly socks when the weather takes a turn for the worse. 


Men’s boots of this sort won’t just keep your feet from getting chilly! With Matrix on your feet, you won’t have to worry about prickly foliage (like the dreaded three-cornered jacks), wet lawns (a typical winter annoyance), sand (annoying to get out of your shoes), sharp stones, or other potential hazards. 


So, let’s have a look at some of your styling options, shall we?


Dress to impress with men’s boots


Matrix brings a confident and cool feel to all of your best formal wear. Guys who are tired of wearing their standard dress shoes and leather-look men’s boots will enjoy taking these out for an evening. The shades that Matrix come in will complement suits and formal pants in all shades, whether you enjoy a classic black ensemble or modern grey and navy combinations. Whether you’re off to a work function, dinner date, or wedding reception, these men’s boots are a must!


Get the best of both worlds! 


Are you having trouble figuring out how formal you should dress? If you have a smart-casual or relaxed-formal event coming up and are struggling to pick what to wear, then get your Matrix men’s boots ready! Now, there are two ways to pull off the look:


1) For a mostly-casual event, wear jeans and a tee, Matrix, and a reasonably fancy blazer or jacket. 


2) To a mainly-formal event, wear suit pants, a collared shirt, your men’s boots, and a relaxed jacket. 


The trick is to ditch the coat or jacket if you feel underdressed or overdressed since the rest of your outfit (and your men’s boots) will still look the part. 


Try these men’s boots in the summertime


There are plenty of occasions and settings that call for Matrix during the warmer months, especially if you’re going to be soaking up the sunshine outside. As we said above, men’s boots in this style will safeguard your feet against the elements and your environment, so they’re fantastic for the outdoors. In a smart-casual setting, we recommend pairing a set of Matrix with a button-down or collared shirt and some freshly-ironed chino shorts. Otherwise, they can look nice with denim shorts too. 


Now, come and get your Matrix men’s boots today


If you want shoes that can do it all, and do it with style, then you have to pick Matrix!