Our Range of Women's Sandals Just Can't Be Beaten

When it comes to footwear, ladies have several options to choose from. However, only one kind tops everyone's must-haves when the warmer seasons roll in: women's sandals. When you think of them, you relate them to beautiful beaches, island tropics, and warm summer days. These places and days are incomplete without fashionable and functional women's sandals because they go together automatically. What is it with this footwear that ladies want to have?

It's best to get the answer from Spendless New Zealand, a reputable brand with an outstanding collection. No other brand can beat Spendless NZ's range of women's sandals because of their style, colour, and types. These shoes can effortlessly boost your vibe, completing your look without trying too hard. 

At Spendless NZ, four kinds of women's sandals exist. After reading this through, consider yourself an expert on the matter. And we're telling you, one pair might not satisfy you because all the options in the collection deserve a spot in your closet. The brand's collection perfectly matches whether you want to flaunt your dresses, skirts, shorts, or jeans. These sandals are an excellent combination of fashion and functionality, so we will explain why you need this unbeaten and excellent range before we describe each. If you're ready, let's do it!


Why Women's Sandals Deserve a Spot in Your Closet


It's time to give your toes a breather. Keep your sneakers and loafers for the meantime, and turn your focus on women's sandals because these trendy options have so much to offer. One of the top reasons this footwear is a bestseller during the warmer months is because it is perfect for it. The open design allows your feet to breathe, keeping them fresh all day. 

Moreover, sandals are travel-friendly. Travellers can squeeze them in at the very last minute, confident that they will fit and won't cause problems with weight. Fly to your dream island destination and take photos with your gorgeous sandals for everyone to see.

As mentioned earlier, the ease of wear makes these shoes so inviting to wear during the summer. Trips to the beach, pool clubs, lakes, and other bodies of water are the best times to wear your sandals. The accessible wear lets you jump in the water quickly and cool off whenever the heat becomes intolerable. Some options are water-resistant, so there's nothing to worry about when you splash them in your haste.

More importantly, sandals give you value for your money because they are versatile. They look so good that you can wear them to weekend brunches and outdoor weddings. Quick trips to the mall or the grocery store are times to wear sandals. In short, you can wear them anywhere you like, except for strictly formal events and cold days and seasons. 

Lastly, women's sandals are low-maintenance and easy to clean. Without much material, you can finish wiping them off in minutes. You can quickly remove sand or other natural elements caught in them by knocking them together.


The Gorgeous Spendless NZ Collection


One look at the women's sandals collection of Spendless NZ will hook you in. As mentioned, they seamlessly combine comfort and style. Plus, if you factor in the reasons you must have sandals in your closet, you're lucky to stop at one pair; some ladies ordered more than that and did not regret the splurge. We guarantee you won't either, as these are the best options you can get at a reasonable price.


Style 1—Slides


From the name, you can rightfully assume that slides are women's sandals with a slide-on fit. Without ankle straps to fuss with, you can wear or remove them within seconds. At Spendless NZ, you can enjoy an open-toe option or a closed one but with an open-back, the same as clogs. Both kinds offer easy wear and have the uncanny ability to make you look cute without trying too hard. Available in fourteen perfect-for-summer colours, you will have the brightest and most comfortable season you've had so far. 

Hibiscus from the Spendless NZ collection is a must-not-miss option. Grab these gorgeous women's sandals and flaunt them around. Hibiscus is a fashionable slide featuring a solid platform sole, two thick straps, and an adjustable feature on one of them, in case you'd like a looser or tighter fit.


Style 2—Comfort


The name is a testament to how cosy women's comfort sandals are. Everyone prioritises their comfort nowadays, but it doesn't hurt when they boost your style, too, like this footwear option. These women's sandals have so much to offer. The variety in textures, strap styles, embellishments, and colours makes it impossible to choose just one. All of them, including those with ankle straps, wedge heels, or chunky soles, deserve a spot in your closet. These comfortable sandals are ideal for dressier outdoor events.

Diane from the Spendless NZ collection is a standout. There is so much style in these comfort sandals for women that it is difficult to decide which to adore more. Diane has a thick cushioned sole with arch support, two top straps with stylish laser cut-outs that will draw attention to their visual aesthetic, and adjustable toe and ankle straps secured by a touch-fastening closure.


Style 3—Thongs


Women's thong sandals and rubber thongs are alike, except that the latter uses rubber material and is water-resistant. Otherwise, both options have a Y-strap you must wear between the toes. If horizontal straps are not your thing, this one likely is. Like the women's comfort sandals, the thongs are suitable for dressier outdoor events, especially those with sparkly embellishments. Meanwhile, the rubber thongs are ideal for those trips where you are sure of getting soaked. They dry quickly and won't let moisture break them down easily.

Angelica is an exquisite option from the Spendless NZ collection. These lovely sandals feature an attractive braided thong strap covered in diamantes, an arch-supporting sole, and an elasticated band around the back to keep them in place.


Boost Your Summer Style!


To complement your summer wardrobe, we also provide styles like strappy sandals and closed-toe leather sandals in traditional colours like tan sandals. The beach is the ideal setting for embellished fashions during the summer season. Wearing metallic sandals is perfect for those long summer nights, and wedge sandals are beautiful for relaxing poolside.

Get the perfect pair of Spendless NZ's women's sandals that remain unbeaten and unrivalled. Head to the nearest retailer or online store now!