Perfect Boys' School Shoes for the Classroom and the Playground!

Finding school shoes that match a young guy's active energy can be challenging. What kind of footwear can endure all the wear and tear your son can subject it to?


The answer is a pair of school shoes from Spendless New Zealand. The brand has provided quality academic footwear to boisterous students over the years. 


Aside from all the jumping and running, the Spendless NZ boys' school shoes have withstood the test of New Zealand's erratic weather. 


The weather changes several times within the day, and some people joke about the luck they get for experiencing all four seasons in one day.


But kidding aside, we understand the concerns of parents. You want the best kids' school shoes for your child. 


This pair should provide the many benefits to make your child feel comfortable and supported through all his activities. 


He can perform well if he's wearing quality footwear. Our team at Spendless NZ will introduce the features that make it a cut above the rest. If you're ready, let's start!


1. Fastenings


Fastenings or closures are essential because they provide a secure and adjustable fit. Your child can safely join activities and games without dealing with footwear coming off and causing an accident. 


Aside from keeping them safe, fastenings contribute to your child's overall development, boosting their fine motor and problem-solving skills. 


For instance, closing the fastening on their new school shoes can be likened to a puzzle, requiring hand-eye coordination to lock them properly.


While there are several kinds of fastenings, Spendless NZ uses two for its collection: touch-fastening straps and laces. Touch-fastening involves two nylon strips your son needs to press together to lock. 


Meanwhile, laced shoes would require a more advanced skill. Weaving the laces through the eyelets and tying them would require practice and getting used to. 


But the unparalleled fulfilment from learning this skill will make your child proud to show this off.


2. Gripped Soles


Gripped soles are essential to ensure your son remains steady and stable on his feet while he participates in daily school activities. 


He will deal with different surfaces—some uneven and others wet or soft. Without traction in their soles, your child is at risk of slipping and having an accident. 


Luckily, Spendless NZ shoes have gripped soles to protect your child. The best way to check it is to flip the footwear over and ensure you don't see a smooth surface. 


There should be weird shapes that cause friction with the floor. Your child can also test it by wearing them and walking on a slippery surface. The footwear should hold against it.


3. Leather Material


The constantly changing weather in New Zealand means your child can experience warm and cold weather in a day. Leather shoes are safe from any effects natural elements may bring. 


For instance, leather has breathability and insulating capabilities. Your child's feet can stay fresh and sweat-free on warm mornings because leather allows air to circulate. 


On wet and cold afternoons, the insulating capabilities of leather will keep the heat in the shoes longer, keeping your child's feet warm. Leather is also comfortable and durable to withstand wear and tear.


4. Vegan-Friendly Material


Most of the sneakers your son needs for sports and PE classes use vegan-friendly materials. 


Your son will need a second pair of shoes for more strenuous activities. They need vegan-friendly footwear that is durable against all the rough movements and games. 


Vegan-friendly shoes ensure your child's comfort and the environment's safety. This material is cruelty-free, which means the production did not harm animals. 


Choosing these means supporting environment-friendly products that leave minimal carbon footprints.


5. Wide Toe Box


The boys' shoes at Spendless NZ come with round and squared toe boxes, leaving enough room for your son's toes to spread naturally. 


A wide toe box ensures your child is comfortable and free from irritating rubbing, which may lead to blisters and foot deformities they can take into adulthood.


Test this by letting your child try on the school shoes. Once his feet are inside, ask him to wiggle his toes. The toes should not touch any part of the footwear. 


Having enough toe room in the shoes to spread their toes helps their balance and stability. Your child needs this to get through his school activities safely.


You won't find it difficult to find the perfect size for your kid because of our wide size range.


6. Firm Heel Counters


Heel counters are at the back of the shoes. This feature must be firm because it provides stability and support for your child's proper foot alignment. 


School and playground activities usually involve standing, walking, running, and jumping, which require shoes with firm heel counters that stabilise the foot and reduce the risk of ankle injuries.


Firm heel counters are also responsible for the overall structure and durability of the footwear. 


They maintain the shape of the shoes over time, boosting longevity. Test this feature by pressing on both sides of the heel counter; it should not give in.


7. Stylish Options


How they look will impact how your child relates to his peers. Sadly, other children may kick your child out of games and activities if they don't wear an acceptable style. 


Thankfully, everyone loves the school shoes at Spendless NZ. Wearing them will boost your child's confidence and enable them to participate in everything. 


Choose from pull-on boots, double straps, laced trainers, runners and sneakers, which are all classics. These versatile styles are also suitable for weekend activities like parties and playdates. 


Ensure Your Child Has the Best!


Choose the best school shoes around. We've got a huge size range, which means you'll likely find what you're looking for! Compare with what are popularly known as "the best brands"—like Nike and Skechers.


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Add a pair of socks before checking out to complete his uniform!


Head to the nearest Spendles NZ store or shop online! Browse through their huge range of stylish, durable and comfortable classroom shoes for your little ones.