Platform Heels Perfect For The Auckland Nightlife!

Looking For The Perfect Party Shoes?

Are you planning on partying hard this weekend? Take some new platforms! Here are the best kinds at Spendless Shoes, and some hot tips for where to wear them.

Start strong with espadrille wedges

Platforms don't get any bigger than with espadrilles! These wedges are at the top of our recommendations list for 2019 because they are a popular pick, super comfortable, and easy to style. You can choose strappy sorts, single bands, textured bases, smooth finishes, faux suede, matte material— whatever your aesthetic, we have espadrille platforms that will satisfy.

Since our platforms are dead-easy to move around in and make your legs look gorgeous in an outfit, these are a prime pick for the Auckland nightlife!

The best heels in the range

Stiletto and block-heeled platforms are some of our absolute favourites at Spendless. If the full wedge heel of an espadrille is too much or not your thing, then these can be a great alternative.

For dressier occasions, we'll be boosting the stilettos, as the skinner the point, the more elegant and dainty your shoes look. Any of our platforms in this design can help assuage the pressure or strain placed on feet from the high incline by providing cushioning under the balls of your feet. This added layer will help you stay comfortable for longer and help you step more surely. Dinner dates and other venues where seating is mandatory will be just the place for these platforms.

However, if you're looking at a long night with lots of standing, walking, and dancing, then block heels would be the better choice. You get all the height, décor, and pretty styling that you would with a stiletto, but these platforms also get the perks of a broader base. That means better balance on uneven surfaces, equal weight distribution, and less chance of muscle fatigue.

Some casual platforms

While you may want to be wearing platforms to keep up with the latest trends, heels aren't always the most practical sort of shoes to take out to clubs or other crowded venues where you might accidentally tread on someone's toes. In this case, we have some excellent alternatives.

First, think about some chunky trainers

Fashion sneakers with flat platforms have been a huge hit lately. With their sporty top designs and oversized bases, these affectionately named "ugly" sneakers make a great casual option. The spongey sole of these sneakers will have you enjoying comfort all through the night while you dance and have fun.

Since they're trending, you can get away with wearing everything from your cutest dresses to your cosiest exercise gear with our sporty platforms on the weekends. So, if you want to head out to town with the girls in our trainers and a cute print jumpsuit or a favourite set of leggings, then feel free.

Next, what about some slides?

The flat platforms strike again! If you love shoes with thick bases but hate wearing heels when you go out, then we have the ultimate compromise. With our cushioned slide and sandals, you can get extra support and the look of platforms without needing to worry about an incline or heel. Besides— these will be the ideal choice for lovely ladies who have trouble balancing in heels at the best of times, let alone when they've been drinking.

Platforms in slide or sandal designs can be a great seasonal selection as well. With their airy peep-toes and relaxed feel, a pair of these would do beautifully on a balmy night during spring or summer. However, these chill platforms could be a stellar year-round style on the right occasion or with the right outfit.

We hope that helps!

Check out all of our platforms at Spendless Shoes today— there are plenty!