Platform Heels That Won’t Hurt Your Feet

Heels That Offer Both Comfort And Style? Spendless Have You Covered!


At Spendless Shoes, we’ll help you find platform heels that can see you through the longest days! With different looks to choose from and designs that maximise comfort, your perfect pair is not as far away as you might think!


Espadrille platform heels


As one of the hottest looks of 2019, it would be remiss of us to ignore espadrilles. These fantastic platform heels have a thick wedge base with either a smooth or textured finish. Our platform heels in this style will add a few extra centimetres to your height, but the smart design keeps pressure and muscle strain to a minimum. Instead of bumping up the incline of shoes, our espadrille platform heels add a flat layer to the base. With these, you get the defining and slimming legs shape stilettos would get you, but without the steep sole. If you find your balance is ever an issue, then these beautiful Spendless wedges will be a dream come true.


Slim styles with cushioning underfoot


You probably don’t need us to tell you this, but stilettos and block-based footwear can put an inordinate amount of pressure onto your feet. Depending on how thin the point of your shoes are, you could be placing almost all of your bodyweight down directly onto the balls of your feet. Not only will this feel awkward or unbalanced, eventually you will start feeling pain from it too. So, how to platform heels help equalise the experience?


The added thickness and spongey platform heels help cushion your feet and share the load. You’ll find everything from walking to dancing easier.


Trendy ankle boots


Do you want platform heels that you can wear time and again without getting sore? Spendless Shoes has just the thing: ankle boots.


Platform heels from our range of women’s boots vary in design. We have combat and biker styles that can bring the attitude to any ensemble. These platform heels are ones everyone will adore for their mix of elegance and fun. You could wear these at parties, work or as an everyday option. You can find excellent ankle boots in this look with zip-up, lace-up, or slide-on designs for your convenience.


Also, they look pretty


Finding colours or a material that you like will be easy too. Our platform heels come in an array of different shades and include textures such as synthetic leather, twine, and faux suede.  


If you have a formal event coming up on your calendar, then we recommend grabbing platform heels with a line of diamante or glitter trim. These are a classic and glamorous feature and can instantly lift your outfit even more.


Décor aside, the shaping of platform heels is also naturally elegant. The large block base of an espadrille can blur the line between shoes and feet, creating an optical illusion that lengthens your legs. The slimmer platform heels on our stilettos and other styles create an elegant silhouette to shape and flatter your ankles.


Foot care add-ons


Of course, if you’re still looking for some additional comfort and support for platform heels, then you could always grab some of our innersoles or other foot care inserts. If you find that pressure and pain build up on the balls of your feet, then our gel cushions and half innersoles would be the best choice.


Since they rest directly under your feet, our clear inserts are practically invisible, so there’s no need to worry about people spotting them if you wear an open style of platform heels. If you need the full coverage, then our gel, supreme, or comfort foam innersoles will be the best choice.


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