Protect Your Boots From Winter Weather With These 5 Tips


Do you need help protecting your winter boots from the weather?

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching rain, mud, and other nuisances ruin a new pair of shoes. Luckily, Spendless Shoes is here to lend you a hand and pass on some hop tips for safeguarding your winter boots against the woes and worries of the season. Our range of shoe styles provides plenty of versatile materials for you to choose from, while our care products are available to clean, polish up, and condition your winter boots. Keep reading and discover our top five tips!


1) Choose a style that is already waterproof


The best part of these winter boots is the fact that they’re already ready-to-go! With a set of these on your feet, you won't need to stress about ruining your shoes. When these winter boots get dirty, all that you have to do is give them a quick rinse or wipe. Our rubbery synthetic styles have grooved soles that will keep you steady on slippery surfaces. The taller cut to our rain-repellant styles will also save your legs from splash-back when you walk through puddles or squelch through mud and wet grass. Plus, we can fit the whole family! At Spendless Shoes, we have an excellent collection of rain-ready winter boots available for men, women, and kids.


2) Give your leather (and leather-look) shoes a coating of Dubbin!


One of our all-around favourite shoe care products at Spendless is our Dubbin. Dubbin may not be a viscous gel, but we don’t recommend using it on faux suede or other fuzzy winter boots since it could affect the feel. However, Dubbin is the perfect water-proofing, scuff-covering, protective sealant for your winter boots. A coating of Dubbin will ensure your shoes look fine and dandy all through the season. Save yourself the heartache and grab a tin today; your shoes will thank you for it!


3) Clean up your act with Instant Shine!


Our Instant Shine sponges are no-mess care products which can get used on any (and all) of your winter boots. If your leathery styles are looking dirty, or you need to smooth out some faux suede fabric, then Instant Shine is the obvious choice. Just run the dry sponge over the surface of your winter boots and watch the magic happen. You can use Instant Shine on different colours without consequence as well, and its versatility makes it the ultimate product for any season.  


4) Spray your winter boots with waterproofer


Our final product for protecting your shoes this season is waterproofing spray. Just point and spray a coat onto your winter boots this season and enjoy the extra protection! Unfortunately, given that it’s an aerosol, this is an in-store-only item at Spendless and New Zealand customers cannot buy it online. However, even if you can’t buy it from us, you are sure to find this kind of care product for your winter boots elsewhere. 


5) Choose your shoes wisely


Safeguarding your footwear isn’t all about care products or materials, of course. The best defence in any situation is planning ahead, so carefully selecting your winter boots for the day or evening ahead is recommended. If you know that you will be spending the majority of your time indoors or undercover, then you should feel free to bring your faux suede shoes into the fold. Otherwise, if you anticipate a trip outdoors or spot wild weather on the forecast, then your robust synthetic winter boots are the better bet. Your winter boots will endure if you stay prepared. 


Hopefully, these five tips help you out


Take care of your winter boots this season thanks to Spendless Shoes!