Reliable Mens Sneakers For That Active Person

Get active with Spendless Shoes this season! Are you looking for a reliable new pair of men’s sneakers that can keep up with all your activities? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Spendless has a fantastic selection of men’s sneakers in 2020! There are more than a few that you might be interested in this season. 


Active guys will love our men’s sneakers! 


These classic trans-seasonal styles are a must-have for anyone who likes to stay active. Do you need new men’s sneakers to wear to the gym while you do your workouts? Would you like some new joggers to take on your runs this season? Men’s sneakers are the ideal footwear for any physical activity because they protect and support your feet expertly. Lucky for you, we have an abundance of different designs for you to try. Arch support, great grip, adjustable laces, and good air circulation are common to all our men’s sneakers. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is which design you think will suit your wardrobe the best! 

Are you interested in hiking?


We know our New Zealand customers love going on adventures, so we’ve got some special men’s sneakers in mind! With scenic walking trails and hikes surrounding the cities and some of the most gorgeous scenery in the world enticingly close by, we know the locals love escaping out there when they can. But, if you’re taking on some tougher trails or heading out in the forests, then you’ll need sturdier men’s sneakers! Our awesome hiking shoes will protect your feet from fatigue and from danger! Padded ankles, innersoles, and arch support safeguard your comfort. The grooved tread will keep a grip on wet, slippery or uneven surfaces, which means they can tackle difficult terrain with utter ease. Finally, our active men’s sneakers also have breathable but tough-wearing material, and they can take whatever the hiking track throws at them! 


Do you need some sports cleats?


Spendless Shoes has fantastic footy boots and specialized men’s sneakers! Do you play a sport that requires studded shoes as part of the uniform? Well, don’t stress, because we’ve got you covered! Our men’s sneakers are durable, flexible, and designed for fast movement. We know these in-demand styles can be expensive elsewhere, which is why our cleats come at such competitive prices! You can afford to treat yourself to more than one of these pairs. Also, did we mention how cool our men’s sneakers look? These brightly coloured cleats are bold, exciting, and sure to catch eyes when you’re dominating on the sports field! 


What about something a bit more fashion-forward? 


Even if you’re an active guy who never stops moving, you still need some men’s sneakers that you can dress up a little. Our slim and stylish trainers are casual designs with the same flexibility and long-lasting comfort as our activewear, but they’re much easier to wear with your everyday wardrobe. Jeans, shorts, and chinos will all be a fitting match with our trendy men’s sneakers. When you want comfy shoes to wear but are worried your usual gym-ready pair will look bulky, awkward, or out of place with your casual outfit, then our sleek trainers will save the day! These men’s sneakers are as trans-seasonal as our other styles, so we know your next pair can offer up a fair share of wear. Spendless has heaps of great versions in different colours too, and you’ll have your pick of the lot! 


Which men’s sneakers sound like your ideal match?


Do you need time to mull it over? Scroll through our men’s sneakers category while you think, and see what jumps out at you!