Rock Summertime With Our Women’s Sandals


It’s never too early to start shopping for summer!

Our collection of warm-weather styles are available all year at Spendless Shoes, but our fresh fashion updates are coming in hot! Anyone shopping for women’s sandals this season is going to be spoiled for choice. So, to help take some of the pressure off, Spendless is presenting you with some of our favourites. Sneak a peek at 2019’s best and trendiest women’s sandals down below!


Self-tie women’s sandals are going strong


Did you miss out on these lovely faux suede styles last season? Don’t let it happen again! Strappy women’s sandals are back and more beautiful than ever this summer. The eye-catching ties look amazing tied low on your ankles or high up your calves, and are customizable to your comfort. As far as styling, the freedom to place the straps wherever you like makes these women’s sandals easy to pair with pants, skirts, and dresses of any length. We have a few variations of this look currently, and the key difference is the sole. You can take home women’s sandals with a flat base, or introduce a trendy fashion feature to your collection when you select ones with thick and textured soles.  


Try flat platform slides and give your look a lift


Ladies who love peep-toe slides, and can’t resist a height boost, will love our flat platforms! These lofty women’s sandals will give you the taller standing you desire without piling pressure onto your feet. Since your feet don’t have to balance on a steep incline, you should have no trouble wearing our women’s sandals for an entire day. The chunky base can also create a point of difference, particularly if your summertime wardrobe is overflowing with similar-looking slides.


Go wild with animal prints


You’ve probably collected a handful of boots with animal prints this year already, but make sure you leave room for some more! A few of our favourite designs of women’s sandals have a patterned version. Instead of grabbing a black or tan pair, try your hand with some eye-grabbing leopard spots or chic snakeskin. Both of these prints will make your women’s sandals a go-to casual combination with denim shorts (or skirts) and your favourite crop top.


Get your women’s sandals some texture


Do you adore the look of laser-cut geometric patterns and hole-punched material? Spendless Shoes is the place to shop this season! A few of our much-loved classic women’s sandals have been given a new lease on life with a freshly-texture finish. You’ll find mules, slides, and other styles sporting this aesthetic. In short, there are plenty that you can for you to consider. If you’re tired of standard women’s sandals, then these will be a welcome change. Also, the extra airflow and circulation that the holes provide is a massive bonus during the hottest summer days.


Finally, remember to pick up a pair for the beach! 


Our fashionable women’s sandals can take you to any setting in 2019, but you can’t beat thongs down at the beach. Our PVC and waterproof styles should be your go-to for a day near the bay. Women’s sandals in this collection are lightweight, shield your skin from the hot ground, rinse off in seconds, and are no effort to cram into a beach bag. Really, why wouldn’t you grab a pair of thongs?


Keep your look cutting-edge with our women’s sandals!


Spendless Shoes has a style for anyone and everyone this summer. So, let us inspire you this season! Take a look at our complete range today, and enjoy the ease and convenience of our online shopping service. You’ll love spending less on a new pair of women’s sandals.