Sandals That Are Also Perfect for the Office

There has been a long-running debate over appropriate office attire, and we’re not getting closer to a final verdict. With workplaces adopting different dress codes or interpretations of the same dress code, it can be challenging to strike the perfect balance between comfort and professionalism. Are sandals acceptable in your line of work?


If your job requires you to stand or walk around, then cosy shoes can make all the difference to your mood and performance. While most people won’t think of sandals as an excellent option for the office, wait until you have seen the Spendless New Zealand collection. The options offer the right combination of style and support to keep your feet happy and trendy while you work hard and slay the day. 


Spendless NZ sandals come in different forms and styles. Some may be too casual for office dress codes, but you can still find options that pass with flying colours. No office is too strict when the warmer months are here. They won’t let the employees suffer the heat and will allow them to wear sandals in the workplace. But this doesn’t mean you can come to work in your rubber thongs; please leave those sandals for your beach trips. Choose other options that still convey professionalism.


Are you unsure which style option can and cannot pass a strict workplace dress code requirement? If so, please allow our team from Spendless NZ to help. Since we have separate collections for women and men, we will recommend sandals from each. If you’re ready, let’s start!


Women’s Collection


Spendless NZ’s women’s sandals collection has four categories: slides, comfort, thongs, and rubber thongs. As mentioned, rubber thongs are better for beach trips and outings, so let’s leave them out of this discussion. As for the rest, they are all fair game. But what should be your basis for sandals that are also perfect for the office? 


Since it’s common knowledge that black is a formal and professional colour, black options are a safe bet for workplace footwear. The black women’s sandals collection at Spendless NZ has plenty of excellent options. Do you like slide-on types that take seconds to wear? Or do you prefer sandals with more security from ankle straps?


Spendless NZ’s Trillion can take your work wardrobe to the next level. These wedge strappy sandals boast an attractive slingback ankle design that guarantees a flexible and cosy fit while the chic peep toe boosts style. Trillion is the perfect work shoe because it keeps you polished and presentable while fresh and comfortable. Besides the strappy detailing, the metallic decoration adds effortless elegance to your work outfit. 


If you think black is too formal for your vibe, we recommend wearing heeled sandals in vibrant colours—no need to fret, as we are not talking about uncomfortable stilettos that hurt. We’re referring to this orange pair of Spendless NZ slide sandals with low-block heels and an eye-catching strap called Danae. These trendy, luxurious slides come with a unique upper design that looks like different straps woven together to form one. With a comfortable square-toe shape and a broad base that distributes your weight evenly, you will look fabulous pairing Danae with an all-white monochromatic outfit. Let your orange shoes stand out and serve as the highlight of your work look! 


Men’s Collection


Unlike the women’s collection, the Spendless NZ men’s sandals collection does not have categories. All these gorgeous breathable shoes fall under one collection. Since most of the options in the collection are more appropriate for outdoor activities like the beach or camping sites, we will focus on one option only. What makes this lone option perfect for the workplace?


Since it’s a general rule for most corporate offices that guys should avoid exposing their toes or keeping them at a minimum, we recommend going for closed-toe options with a more robust body that shows as little skin as possible. Spendless NZ’s Sturt men’s leather sandals fit the bill perfectly. This robust option uses durable leather that lets your feet breathe and move comfortably. These gladiator-like, fully enclosed sandals come with unbeatable grip and traction to ensure stability while rushing to your back-to-back meetings. Dress-down Fridays will never be the same with these excellent shoes.


Keeping Your Sandals in Tip-Top Shape


Since some still frown upon using sandals in the office, the least you can do is wear excellent options to keep the snide comments to a minimum. Impress them with well-maintained shoes so they will not find fault in your outfit. Make those sandals stand out so that others will see the good in wearing them to work and follow suit. Before you know it, you will start a fashionable and functional trend enticing everyone, especially those who resisted, to join the sandals craze. Here are some easy steps for taking care of your sandals:


  • Avoid those unsightly footprints on the insoles of your sandals. Treat your shoes to a spa experience by scrubbing the dirty areas with a used toothbrush. If insufficient, use a soft cloth to rub the stubborn stains away.

  • Shield your footwear from spills and splashes with Spendless NZ’s water and stain protection spray. Use it on your shoes when you unbox them, ensuring protection even before you wear them for the first time. The spray creates an invisible layer on your shoes to repel water and stains. Apply it once a week for maximum protection. 

  • Give your sandals a cosy home by storing them in a shoe closet, rack, or bag. Not only will it make them easier to locate, but it will also keep them safe from dust and heat sources that can ruin their material. 

Choose Spendless NZ Sandals, Which Are Perfect for the Office This Summer Season!


No other brand curates a collection of sandals the way Spendless NZ does. We offer a range of colours—like white sandals, black sandals, and nude sandals—and styles like metallic sandals for long summer nights and wedges for running errands and relaxing poolside. 


Head to the nearest retailer or online store now and enjoy our flexible payment systems. These allow you to buy now and pay in instalments later. This way, you can purchase more than one pair for your summer wardrobe and will not feel guilty about indulging yourself! Create an account, and you can get 10% off on your first purchase at the checkout!