Sandals That Are the Perfect Addition to Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe

The telling sign that spring and summer are here is the warmth. After months of hiding behind thick clothes and shoes, it's time to switch up your wardrobe. Your feet need fresh air, and wearing sandals is the perfect way to let them breathe. These shoes come in various designs, offering comfort and style in one package. Some sandals come in simple flat designs with minimalist straps, while others feature fancy embellishments. Their versatility allows you to dress them up and down the entire season. Wear sandals everywhere, whether running errands, going to a dressy event, or spending time at the beach. Everyone in the family deserves to have their pair, so choose only the brand that has an option for everyone.

Spendless New Zealand is THE brand! Its collection of sandals for dad, mum, and the kids is so broad that you can all match! So, why should you wear these shoes?

Sandals are breathable. The top reason for their popularity in spring and summer is their ability to keep your feet fresh and well-ventilated in the heat. The next is their cuteness. How can you resist the various straps, colours, and embellishments for sandals? 

Discovering ways to style them with your spring and summer wardrobe is exciting. Our team at Spendless NZ will guide you on the different sandals and which options are perfect for your closet. Let's get started! 


Women's Collection


The Spendless NZ sandals collection for women has four subcategories—slides, comfort, thongs, and rubber thongs. What are they?

Slides got their name from the slide-on fit. These women's sandals take seconds to wear and usually lack ankle straps or fastening. Their easy-to-wear style makes them a favourite among ladies. The options at Spendless NZ include a single thick strap, two horizontal straps, or multiple straps in various directions. Some sandals are flat, while others have a platform sole or a block heel for height. 

One slide option perfect for spring and summer looks is a pair of Danae sandals. This fashion-forward option pairs well with jeans, dresses, shorts, and skits. The Danae sandals feature a short block heel, a square-toe design, and an attractive big strap resembling three small woven straps.

Meanwhile, comfort sandals are top-notch when you crave that sometimes-elusive cosy feeling. Unlike slides, this type has options with ankle straps and fastenings. Choose an option from this category if you need more embellishments and decorations. Various textures and designs will excite your senses. The Lauryn sandals are the perfect go-to pair for all your social events, with their thick wedge providing a stable elevation and the thick top and ankle straps that hold the footwear in place.

Let's combine thongs and rubber thongs because they are similar, except the latter option uses rubber material, making it perfect for water-related activities. It's no wonder ladies wear rubber thong sandals to the beach, which they can quickly remove when they want to cool themselves off. Combine style, height, and a beach-ready look with the Sacramento rubber thongs. Their thick platform heels and dazzling diamante décor can effortlessly boost your seaside coffee dates, beach parties, and picnics. Be sure to add them to your warm-weather shopping list!


Men's Collection


Unlike the women's collection, the Spendless NZ men's sandals collection includes all types in one category. It covers thongs, slides, garden clogs, and outdoor options. You should indulge in outdoor sandals if you enjoy hiking or trekking in New Zealand's beautiful mountains and hills. 

Spendless NZ's Coorong shoes are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who like to keep busy during the spring and summer weekends. These sandals have sturdy treads that protect your feet and provide grip on soft or uneven surfaces. The two touch-fastening straps ensure a customised fit and hold the footwear in place. If you love going outside and need all-around footwear, get your hands on Coorong!


Kids' Collection


At Spendless NZ, we have separate categories for young girls and boys in our kids' collection. The girls' collection boasts a wide range of colours, including black, blue, brown, gold, green, leopard, multicoloured, orange, pink, purple, rose gold, silver, and white. If these options were available for adults, you'd also want a pair! The Naya sandals look adorable on your daughter's feet this spring and summer. This strappy option has three toe straps—one with a shiny metallic finish, the second with sparkly diamantes, and the third with a scaled texture—and an adjustable ankle touch-fastening strap. Your child can wear them on special occasions like family gatherings and children's parties. 

Our boys' collection also comes in several colours, although fewer than the girls'. Choose from black, blue, brown, green, multicoloured, orange, pink, red, silver, or white. How about choosing an outdoor option so that your child can enjoy playing with friends outside? The Seesaw sandals feature a half-enclosed design that covers their toes to protect their little feet from sharp objects. The spongy innersoles absorb shock, while the excellent grip ensures your child is steady while playing.


How to Care for Sandals


Spendless NZ uses premium materials that withstand wear and tear, natural elements, and erratic weather. However, giving your sandals an extra boost with proper care and maintenance is always best. Taking care of your shoes ensures they look brand-new and extends their lifespan, saving you the trouble of buying replacements. Here are some tips:

  • Scrubbing the dirty area with a used toothbrush and rubbing the area with a soft cloth after removing the harder stains will avoid permanent footprints on the insoles.
  • Use a water and stain protection spray from Spendless NZ to add an invisible layer of protection. Re-apply weekly.
  • Keep the sandals in shoe closets, racks, or bags. Never leave them where dust can settle or where direct heat sources can touch them.


Shop Summer Season Sandals for Your Family at Spendless NZ!


During the warmer months, neutral-coloured sandals are the most beloved. Sandals with classic styles, such as strappy sandals, white sandals, nude sandals, leather sandals, and closed-toe sandals, continue to be popular. Accessorising your summer footwear with embellished sandals is a foolproof way to kick off errands or hit the beach.

Head to the nearest Spendless NZ retailer or check out our online store for excellent sandals to add to the family's spring and summer wardrobe.