School Shoes Are Easy and Affordable with Spendless!

Sending your child to school can eat into your budget because they need several things to get through the year. You must shop for bags, socks, notebooks, pens, and the most essential item on the list, kids' school shoes. 


Their academic footwear impacts their performance in the classroom and playground. Kids' school shoes also affect socialisation since your child's style can be a hit or a miss and influence how their peers relate to them. 


With all these expectations, finding academic footwear that can live up to them can be challenging. 


Aside from performing essential functions like keeping your kid comfortable and supported during the weekdays, the kids' school shoes must look stylish or be considered stylish so your child's confidence will soar. 


Don't let the pressure get to you because Spendless New Zealand is the answer!


You need not go through all the stress of thinking about payment, styles, and features because Spendless NZ kids' schools shoes are easy and affordable. Please discover why they are like that with the Spendless NZ team's help. Let's start!


1. They have fastenings.


Fastenings are essential to kids' school shoes because they provide adjustability. Your kid must have a way to control the fit of their footwear, whether they want them tighter or vice versa. 


Aside from adjustability, fastenings also secure the kids' school shoes, which is excellent for your kid because they won't come off accidentally. We wouldn't want their footwear to fly off during gameplay and cause an accident.


Spendless NZ has three fastening options for kids' school shoes: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. Each kind ensures your kid will have an easy and protected experience in school. 


Touch-fastening straps have two components, the hooks in one strip and the loops in another, which lock together when pressed. It's a hassle-free fastening for kids' school shoes that takes little time or effort to close. 


Buckles consist of a frame and a tongue that latch onto the hole of the opposite strap to lock. It offers a precise and adjustable fit for kids' school shoes since the holes are at equal distances from each other. 


It can be unfortunate if one spot is too loose while the next one is too tight.


Laces are the only fastening independent of the kids' school shoes. They provide a customisable fit. However, they come undone sometimes, which can cause your child to trip on their school shoes.


2. They are durable.


Spendless NZ kids' school shoes use durable materials that withstand wear and tear. Knowing your kid is safe while wearing this footwear will give you peace of mind. 


No parent ever wants to get an emergency call because a broken pair of kids' school shoes caused an accident.


Spendless NZ uses two kinds of materials to ensure that academic footwear can endure the natural elements: leather and vegan-friendly. These two ensure that the kids' school shoes can last through the erratic, harsh weather in New Zealand.


Besides durability, leather has breathability and insulation capacities that protect your kid from changing temperatures. 


Kids' breathable school shoes ensure your kid remains sweat-free during a warm day, while insulation keeps the heat longer to fight off the cold.


Meanwhile, vegan-friendly material is not only excellent for your kid, but it also benefits the environment because it's cruelty-free. 


The production of these kids' school shoes did not harm any animals and took fewer steps, which made them even more affordable! Now, isn't that easy?


3. They fit right.


One tell-tale sign of easy footwear is that it keeps your kid comfortable. Kids' school shoes must ensure your kid performs their best in class, not hinder it. How do you know that they fit right? Here are some features to check:


  • Get the correct size


Please bring your child to a professional who can take their measurements. A podiatrist or trained in-store staff can recommend the kids' school shoes appropriate for their foot size and type. 


Ensure they do it in the afternoon, when your child's feet are at their maximum size, to account for the swelling. 


  • Leave room for growth


The kids' school shoes fit right when there is a 1cm gap between your child's longest toe and the footwear's tip. It allows for their growth spurts, which often happen until puberty. 


So, expect to buy kids' school shoes frequently because you need to replace them immediately once that space is gone.


  • Choose wide-toe boxes


Spendless NZ makes it easy for parents to find academic footwear with wide-toe boxes. Since most of the brand's kids' school shoes have rounded or squared-toe designs, you can guarantee the comfort of their toes. 


Avoid pointy ones that will squeeze their toes, causing pain and blisters.


4. They are budget-friendly.


One typical error parents make is buying second-hand or used kids' school shoes, thinking they are more affordable than brand-new ones. 


While the price may be lower upfront, your subsequent expenses can make it more expensive in the long run. What does that mean?


A potential health risk when buying used kids' school shoes is that the previous owner may pass on germs and diseases they have to your kid. The money you supposedly saved from purchasing the footwear will go to expensive treatment. 


Why risk it when there's Spendless NZ?


The brand is famous for its affordable footwear line, including its collection of kids' school shoes.


Their footwear offers many benefits, including a long lifespan, comfortable insides, and firm soles. Their design accommodates the varying demands of an academic day, from active play at the playground to quiet study in the classroom.


Apart from that, Spendless NZ also has flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later. These give you time to plan your expenses and still have some left for your child's academic needs.


And the best news is that if you shop for kids' school shoes on Spendless NZ's online store, you can get discount codes and vouchers that further reduce the already affordable price. Sign up for an account and receive updates and notices of upcoming sales and new arrivals.


With convenience and more discounts, what's keeping you from doing this?


Spendless NZ School Shoes Make Everything Easy!


It is essential to research various brands and shops to choose the right pair of school shoes boys and girls of all ages will adore.


Parents and students agree that Spendless NZ is one of the best. We have a range of school shoes that can match brands like Skechers, ASICS, Harrison, Clarks, Roc, and Nike.


Find kids' school shoes that are easy and affordable at Spendless NZ. Head to the nearest retailer or online store to grab one now! Be sure to add some socks before checking out!