School Shoes For All New Zealand Seasons!

Spendless has boys’ school shoes that will last all year long! Even when New Zealand weather offers four seasons in a day, our footwear can take care of your child. 

Boys’ school shoes from our collection endure all weather conditions! 

Here at Spendless, we have several designs that feature leather material, as these offer extra air circulation and flexibility, keeping your child comfortable in more ways than one. But, since longevity is one of the biggest issues surrounding boys’ school shoes, we highly recommend investing in combination or synthetic styles instead. The material is still flexible enough to be comfy for kids from day one, but it is also robust and ready to deal with whatever students can throw at them. During winter, you’ll be glad that your children are running around in synthetic boys’ school shoes when mud, rain, and puddles do nothing to ruin them. Similarly, you won’t need to worry about prickly foliage, dirt, or dust leaving a lasting mark on your child’s pair during dry summer weather. 

Will our boys’ school shoes take care of feet in warm and cold weather conditions?

Of course! Here at Spendless, we’ve been providing students with the best (and most affordable) uniform footwear for over thirty years. Do you want to know what we’ve learned about boys’ school shoes during that time? For a start, your child needs a style with proper air circulation. Kids spend so much of their year wearing the same boys’ school shoes that they can start getting smelly after a while. This problem is particularly bad during warmer months when children sweat in their socks. Breathable material reduces the build-up of odour, minimizes the risk of painful skin irritations (like blisters) and also prevents kids’ feet from getting too hot in their boys’ school shoes. 

Sneakers and trainers are trans-seasonal styles! 

Your sporty boys’ school shoes don’t have to stick to a certain season. Just like our conventional classroom pairs, these are suitable for wear in any season. Do you remember what we mentioned earlier about air circulation being important for boys’ school shoes? Because kids tend to sweat during the fast-paced fitness games and physically demanding exercises that they’ll wear sneakers for, our trainers come with airy mesh material. So, you can forget about stinky boys’ school shoes that make your kids uncomfortable, and let them play in peace instead! The grooves on our sneakers will also take care of your children during different times of the year. After rainfall, the supportive tread on our boys’ school shoes will prevent students from slipping on wet pathways or muddy sports fields. During the height of summer, when trainers need to contend with prickly dry grass and sandy fields instead, they reap the same benefits. You know you can trust our boys’ school shoes to keep your child safe and happy! 

You can plunder our collection at any point!

Unlike some retailers, which have boys’ school shoes in stock during the pre-semester period when demand is at its peak, Spendless provides access all year long. No matter what month it is, you can shop through an impressive array of styles and find the set that suits your little student flawlessly. Our competitive prices make it easy to buy a bunch of boys’ school shoes, even when you’re shopping on a budget. Of course, we can offer you some pointers if you want to get the best deal that you can on the next pair. As long as your child can stand to wait for a larger set of boys’ school shoes, hold off until the holiday period because that’s usually when we have special sales and promotions! 

We’ve got New Zealanders covered! 

Get boys’ school shoes for summer, autumn, winter, and spring