School Shoes For The Pickiest Child!


Finding boys’ school shoes is challenging enough, so what do you do when your kids start getting picky?

Finding boys’ school shoes is challenging enough, so what do you do when your kids start getting picky? Spendless has styles that can please even the toughest little shoppers, and at prices that mums and dads won’t mind! Let us take you through some of our options this year, and you’ll be amazed by the boys’ school shoes we have available.


You can’t mess with the classics! 


Our high-shine boys’ school shoes come in lace-up or touch-fastening designs, and they’re a timeless favourite for students. Spendless sets our styles apart from the others by ensuring long-lasting comfort and support. Even the pickiest kid wouldn’t be able to complain about the feel of our boys’ school shoes. 


Does your child complain about hot or sweaty feet?


We’ve got boys’ school shoes that can accommodate them as well! At Spendless, some of our top picks for spring and summertime are sandals! These boys’ school shoes are a prime choice for younger kids, particularly if they have sensitive skin or can’t stand the heat! Our breezy sandals allow for excellent airflow, while their enclosed toes guarantee them a spot on the playground still. Keeping your kids (and their tiny feet) secure inside should be no issue either since our sandals have touch-fastening straps. Even the strictest dress code should allow a pair of these cute boys’ school shoes out during recess and lunch! So, be sure that you seriously consider a set from Spendless this summer!


Get your kids something trendier for the classroom!


Shake things up with some of our trainers! Even though our round-toed boys’ school shoes are the leading favourite, we have some fun alternatives that your kids might love better. Our sleek trainers will be a fitting choice for the student who hates conforming to stringent uniform rules, and who loves getting outside to play during their breaks. These won’t look out of place underneath a neat uniform, as they come with the same glossy black finish as our traditional boys’ school shoes. The aerodynamic shape and sporty sole offer comfort, support, and style as well! Your kids might also be able to sneak our trainers into their weekend wardrobe if they love our boys’ school shoes that much.


They won’t be happy without sneakers too! 


If your kids are non-stop sports-lovers, then you need boys’ school shoes of this sort along with the regular ones! Our sneakers get designed for high-energy activities, so they’re ideal for sports games, PE classes, and anything that involves running, jumping, and keeping active. Some of our best styles come in all-black and all-white, and these are always acceptable colours for boys’ school shoes. However, if your kids have complained about conventional footwear before, and if the dress rules allow for more expressive shades, then Spendless has super colourful options too! Our most popular sneaker-style boys’ school shoes include ones with dashes of blue, red, green, or yellow. Have a look at our range when you visit us online today!


You won’t find boys’ school shoes at this price anywhere else!


Spendless is bringing in an enormous collection of affordable and durable for students this season. We know that keeping up with growing feet is a struggle, and we also appreciate how tough it can be to shop for boys’ school shoes on a budget can be for families. That’s why Spendless offers fair prices, flexible payment options, and plenty of sales for our customers. What would buy you a single pair of boys’ school shoes somewhere else could buy you a handful of our designs, and you’d barely tell the difference in quality. Are you ready to see what our boys’ school shoes can offer your kids in 2019?