School shoes for your kids

Buying School Shoes for Your Kids

Let's talk about work and school shoes. These are arguably some of the most critical pairs you will purchase during the year. Your kids will be running around in their school shoes for five days a week, so picking the best ones is essential. Not only do you need to find a pair that fit and feel great, but you also need a style that is in it for the long haul. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a pair of school shoes and having them fall apart or start flaking in no time at all.

Well, Spendless Shoes is here to lend a hand. Here a quick breakdown of our basic styles for school shoes.

Early learners and younger kids:

Sandals and Mary-Jane styles will work best with younger kids. These are lightweight and flexible styles, which means they are accommodating for sensitive and developing feet. In these two styles, you are likely to find buckled or velcro school shoes. Again, these are perfect for young kids because they may not be comfortable enough or know how to tie laces by themselves yet. You can send them off in confidence, knowing the simple straps and tabs are keeping school shoes secure.

Our sandals and Mary-Jane school shoes are perfect for the playground. Are you worried about dress codes and other restrictions? Don't be! Our sandals come in covered and closed-toed styles, so you kids should be free to play.

Sporty school shoes

Sneakers and other sporty styles are another essential for a kid's collection of school shoes. We have sporty school shoes in block white and black (to help conform to the strictest dress codes), with tread for excellent grip and all the support of a regular sneaker. However, if brighter colours will cause no crisis at on child's school shoes, you can always browse our sneaker range for kids. We have vibrant, colourful sneakers that are perfect for PE. You might even sport your child's favourite TV or movies characters on the side of our Licensed sneakers.

For students of all ages

Sit back and try to picture a pair of kid's school shoes. We all know the look— they are shiny black lace-up school shoes, and probably have a rounded toe. These are fundamental in any classroom. At Spendless, our school shoes come in both leather and synthetic material. You will find styles with comfortably padded collars, mesh lining, and even a slight heel to keep feet in a neutral position. Laces are great for quick and reliable fit adjustment, but we carry school shoes with velcro tabs too. Spendless school shoes can take whatever your child's day has in store. Let us focus on their feet so that your kids can focus on their learning.

For your kid's first job

Many older students start looking for casual or part-time work before they graduate. When you choose our high-quality work or school shoes, you take the first step in stopping easily preventable accidents. If your child is starting their first job, there is a good chance are they will be working in fast food, food and hospitality, as a bartender or barista, or in retail. As such, safety shoes may be a part of their uniform.

The SureStep range at Spendless are Australian Safety Standard approved, incorporating oil-resistance, slip-resistant soles, shock absorption, heel cushioning, steel cap toes, and a variety of other features. Make sure your kids are safe as they enter the workforce and get their first taste of independence.

Last notes

Buying work or school shoes does not need to be a hassle. Find your next pair from Spendless, and get the look for less.