School Shoes Perfect For Every Season!

Spendless has kids’ school shoes for every season! Our styles are a massive hit with New Zealand customers, and it’s no mystery why they’re some of our most popular purchases. Still, we’d be happy to tell you a bit about our kids’ school shoes today, to help get you started. Here are the things to know about styles from Spendless:


You can’t go wrong with our classic kids’ school shoes!


Here at Spendless, we have a whole host of traditional designs. These timeless kids’ school shoes come with smooth leather-look material, rounded toes, grooved soles, and a sophisticated feel. We have versions in sizes that will suit every type of student, from little ones who are just starting, to teenagers in their final years of study!

Classic kids’ school shoes from our collection have different fastenings too, so parents can always find the most age-appropriate pairs. You can pick a new set for your child with touch-fastening straps, buckled straps, or laces. Whichever of these kids’ school shoes you choose, your child will be ready to hit the books. Plus, since they’re trans-seasonal styles, there’s never a wrong time to buy a pair from Spendless!


Our synthetic kids’ school shoes can handle any weather! 


While leather-lined designs are flexible and breezy, they are more susceptible to water damage than our faux leather styles. As such, synthetic kids’ school shoes are becoming a go-to for parents with messy children, particularly during autumn and winter.

After all, you’ll feel much better about letting the little ones out to play when you know mud, puddles and wet grass don’t pose a risk to their footwear. When your synthetic kids’ school shoes get messy, it takes almost no time to wipe them off and clean them up again. Plus, they perform just as well with dirt and dust during summer and spring!


Sneakers and trainers are always on a student’s shopping list! 


Active footwear like trainers and sneakers are the only kids’ school shoes that students can wear with their sports uniform. Our joggers come in all sorts of designs, but they all come with features like grooved soles, arch support, breathable mesh material, and other benefits. So, these kids’ school shoes are sure to keep your children safe during their weekly sports games and practices, as well as their PE lessons during the week.

Do you want to hear about the different types of sneakers that Spendless has for your children in 2020? Some of our favourite sporty kids’ school shoes are all-black and all-white styles (the teachers will like these too), but our colourful pairs can put a smile on your child’s face! Look at our excellent sportswear yourself this season!


Mary-Jane sandals are great for girls! 


Does your daughter need new kids’ school shoes? No worries! Spendless has some excellent Mary-Jane sandals for your child to try this season. We have versions with buckled or touch-fastening straps, so they’re an option for students of all ages. Since our kids’ school shoes in this design have an airy feel to them, they’re perfect for warmer seasons like spring and summer.

Of course, the excellent air circulation from these sandals also makes them a prime pick during winter and autumn. Thick winter uniform socks and stockings will keep your child’s feet from getting cold when they’re outdoors, but they won’t cook in their kids’ school shoes when teacher’s turn up the heat in the classrooms either.


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We have more handy articles if you need any more information about kids’ school shoes. Otherwise, come and have a snoop of the Spendless collection today! We have express delivery to New Zealand, so your kids’ school shoes will arrive in no time!