School Shoes Perfect for the New Zealand Climate

It's the start of another academic year. Children will spend most of their day working hard in their classes and participating in different activities. As parents and guardians, you must equip your children with the proper gear, like school shoes, to prepare them for weather conditions. Are you looking for kids' school shoes?


At Spendless New Zealand, whether they're heading back to school or getting ready for their first day, make sure they're comfy and protected with a wide range of school shoes for girls and boys. Shop great prices across kids' school shoes, including black school shoes, lace-ups, tab shoes and more. At Spendless NZ, we sure have style, new styles, brands, and footwear sizes for you to enjoy.


So, head on and find a store that will cater for your needs, or go to our menu shop for online shopping. Then, continue shopping at any brands shop of your favourite fusion brands you can enjoy amazing rewards. Thankfully, you'll have peace of mind with the Spendless NZ available collection.


New Zealand is known for its extreme weather; some claim you can experience all four seasons in one day. That's how fast weather can change. So do your kids a favour and purchase any of our school shoes because they are climate-perfect, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.


Rushing from one class to another will be easy because they are stable enough to prevent accidental slips and trips. The team at Spendless NZ gathered different things to check when choosing the perfect school shoes for the New Zealand climate.


Fastenings and Materials


Different fastenings keep your child's school shoes in place so they can actively participate in activities. It would be a nightmare to discover your child scraped their knees because they were running around and the footwear accidentally came off. We understand how worried parents and guardians are for their children, so here are the different fastenings available at Spendless NZ: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces.


Choose a pair with the best fastenings that most correspond to your child's needs. In addition, fastenings help to readjust the footwear, perfect for your child's constantly developing feet. Because it's simpler for younger kids to accomplish, they choose touch-fastening or buckled.


The older ones, such as most preteens and teenagers, prefer lace fastenings because they know how to tie them. Regarding materials, Spendless NZ recommends trying our vegan-friendly school shoes instead of their leather counterparts. Switching to vegan-friendly footwear offers many advantages.


The first would be for the environment and its inhabitants, including you and your child. For example, you could help preserve the distinctive wildlife found in New Zealand. It's vegan-friendly school shoes that do not use animal products in their production.


Leather, meanwhile, uses skin from animals such as goats, sheep, and cows. Second, vegan-friendly footwear does not pollute or have a high carbon footprint, unlike leather. Third, vegan-friendly school shoes use weather-resistant material that is perfect for the New Zealand climate.


Sizes and Colours


School shoes are available at Spendless NZ in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Please refer to our size guide to get an idea of how Spendless NZ sizing works. Two other charts aside from the primary chart for children further divide children into age groups: Pre-Walker/Toddler and Junior/Pre-Teen.


We encourage you to accurately measure the length and width of each child's foot so that you can make sure they are wearing the correct size of school shoes. How well-fitted your child's footwear is will determine how comfortable they will be the whole academic year. It will make or break your child's learning experience.


Children's school shoes are available from Spendless NZ in black, blue, brown, orange, pink, purple, and white. Since most educational institutions prefer black, please verify the dress code rules to guarantee that they permit alternative colours. If not, we suggest selecting more vibrant colours for casual and dress-down days.




We will present to you the different styles grouped into the girls' and boys' categories. At Spendless NZ, we have three varieties of school shoes for girls: T-Bar, Double Straps, and Mary Janes. Boys' shoes come in two varieties: pull-on boots and lace-up.


We also have sneakers for girls and boys, perfect for casual days, physical education (PE), and sports.


Girls Style 1 - T-Bar


Girls with higher insteps prefer this kind of school shoe. It's best for them, as this footwear's style keeps the strap from snagging on your child's feet. Moreover, active kids can quickly put them on and take them off, thanks to the simple t-bar fastening.


Finally, its buckle secures the school shoes firmly in place. The cushioning in these school shoes gives the ankle area the best support and comfort possible.


Girls Style 2 - Double Straps


The development of a child occurs in stages. Therefore, some people take a lot longer to master the knotting of their laces than others. And it's all right.


These school shoes are perfect for girls still learning to tie their laces. The double straps on this footwear make it simple to use and secure your child's school shoes. It offers the same comfort as pull-on footwear but with straps to keep them in place.


Girls Style 3 - Mary Janes


The popularity of Mary Janes as school shoes has remained the same in the years since they first came out. It's a style that has been gracing footwear shopping at the start of the academic year. These school shoes meet most uniform rules and are made of leather, so they will last and be reliable.


The straps are adjustable, depending on how secure your child wants her footwear to be. Also, the open part at the top lets air in and moisture out, keeping the feet dry and comfortable.


Boys Style 1 - Pull-On Boots


Black leather pull-on boots go well with uniforms. These ankle-boot school shoes have elastic side gussets that make them easy to slip on and off. They were made to be as comfortable as possible. Putting on this footwear is easy because of the two tabs on top.


Kids still learning how to knot their laces should use this footwear. The thick soles of these school shoes from Spendless NZ make them stable and protect against both natural and man-made elements.


Boys Style 2 - Lace-Up



Children are inherently energetic and like playing and running in their free time. Because the laces hold the school shoes securely in place, they won't come off by accident. Therefore, they can continue doing what makes them happy without tripping or getting wounded.


These school shoes are perfect for kids who can tie their laces. Please ensure the laces are the proper length since long laces could trip your child.


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