School Shoes She’ll Actually Want To Wear!


Are you having trouble with your girls’ school shoes?

Spendless has been helping kids adjust to the classroom for over thirty years. We know that getting kids to feel excited about restrictive uniform rules can seem impossible. However, our excellent girls’ school shoes and foot care accessories will see that every student studies in style!


Where should you begin? 


First, you should know a little bit about our range of girls’ school shoes before you start shopping. We have sporty styles, sandals, and traditional designs available for your kids. Along with our marvellous foot care products, Spendless has a selection of spare shoelaces, uniform socks, and cleaning accessories. As such, you have everything you need to maintain or improve your girls’ school shoes.


Does your child find girls’ school shoes boring? 


One reason that some kids hate wearing girls’ school shoes is that they aren’t as fun or colourful as their regular footwear. Compared to the vibrant and eye-catching casual styles that kids get to wear on the weekend, their uniform options can seem dull and sparse in comparison. Lucky for you, Spendless has some a few fantastic solutions for your girls’ school shoes!


If we’re talking about classroom styles, then one easy way to make them feel more fun is to add a glossy finish. Black is the only colour that we can offer for traditional girls’ school shoes, but maintaining a mirror-like shine will do wonders to improve their attitude. Plus, well-polished footwear will help endear your kids to teachers who are strict about dress codes too!


As for active girls’ school shoes, Spendless can do you one better! Our trainers and sneakers may come in all-white and all-black to suit strict uniform policies, but your little students can choose from our whole range of styles. We have colourful sneakers and trainers for students of all ages, which means finding fun and bright girls’ school shoes will be no trouble at Spendless!


Is there something wrong with the comfort or fit? 


Since your children will spend most of their week with girls’ school shoes on their feet, you need to make sure that they have the correct fit. A too-tight style will pinch at the heels and toes can then cause discomfort, while an oversized pair increases your kids’ chances of blisters or injuries caused by trips. If these problems do crop up, your young students aren’t going to enjoy wearing their girls’ school shoes.


For a start, we recommend that you always double-check the size. As a New Zealand customer, you can use the sizing guide on our website when you order your next pair, and this should guide you towards the ideal size. Once your girls’ school shoes get delivered home, have your kids try them on with their uniform socks and walk around for a while. Watch for any slipping on the back heel, and ask your children whether or not they feel tight. You can test if the girls’ school shoes are a decent length by pressing down on the toes, where there should be about one centimetre from end to your child’s big toe.


Otherwise, our gel cushions and innersoles could be a helpful addition. If you purposefully buy girls’ school shoes big so that your children can grow into them, then innersoles are a quick way to fill space and improve the fit. Also, if your kids have sensitive feet and get sore after a busy day, then the extra support and cushioning in their girls’ school shoes will sort out that issue too!


You’ll find everything you could need at Spendless  


Get your kids the ultimate girls’ school shoes this season!