Schooling Can Be Expensive, Save With Spendless School Shoes!

Looking For Affordable School Shoes? 

Let's face it— girls' school shoes are the cherry on top of an enormous pile of uniform expenses. There are so many items you have to buy especially from the school shop so that they have the right logo or colours, whether it be hats, socks, jumpers, or even hair ties. Because of this, it's impossible to dodge expenses entirely when updating your child's classroom wardrobe. Thankfully, Spendless still has ways to save you those last few cents when you buy girls' shoes.

We make saving easy

It's all in the name of Spendless. We've been helping customers buy high-quality, affordable girls' school shoes for over thirty years, and we're not about to stop now! We love giving our customers heaps of great discounts and special deals during the back-to-school season, so you can buy girls' shoes at the lowest prices when you need them the most.

Stay ahead of our promotions by shopping online

While our sales are frequent in stores, keeping track of all of these great specials for girls' school shoes is much easier when you shop with us online. By becoming a regular subscriber, you can join our email list and receive alerts and updates that might benefit you. We'll let you know what styles are going on sale and when, so you can stay ahead of the game.

So, what kinds of styles do we include in our range of girls' school shoes?

The essential look

First, there's everyone's favourite classroom classics. You've seen these, doubtless, on the feet of every child in a classroom for the last few decades. Sophisticated, high-shine, round-toed, and black, these girls' school shoes will have your kids looking presentable and ready to hit the books.

Depending on your little student's age, you might pick up some of these girls' school shoes with laces, touch-fastening tabs, or styles featuring both. Touch-fastening tabs can help minimise the risk of your girls' tripping on untied laces and skinning knees or elbows while they're still learning to do up their school shoes.

Sandals for sunny days

You're more likely to see these girls' school shoes on younger kids, but we love sandals in the classroom. Our buckled Mary-Janes are enclosed, so taking them on the playground should be no issue. If your children get too sweaty in girls' school shoes that need socks, then these are an excellent alternative.

Don't forget the other must-haves!

At Spendless, we make sure that our collection of girls' school shoes encompass every design that your kids might need. Unfortunately, plenty people get hung-up on their academic styles that they forget to consider the sporty ones. Don't worry— we've got you covered!

With PE classes, OSH clubs, and an abundance of after-class activities and sports, you need a special kind of girls' school shoes. Programs that help students stay active promote health and wellbeing, so our collection of sneakers, trainers and joggers are here to help your kids keep up their fitness and have fun.

We even have a versatile colour range

If a dress code takes issue for more colourful girls' school shoes, then our sporty white or black trainers should keep the rule-makers happy. While they're a little bit plainer than some of our other girls' school shoes of this kind, they'll be just as comfortable and supportive. Beyond that, we have a rainbow of energetic trainers available as well.

As part of our line-up of girls' school shoes, you'll never miss out on pre-term deals when you buy sporty styles.

So, why wait?

Shop for the cheapest and the best girls' school shoes online or at your local Spendless store!