Shopping for Kids' School Shoes Doesn't Have to be Painstaking—We Make It Easy!

It's the start of another school year, and parents, guardians, and children are scrambling to get everything ready. Shopping for kids' school shoes can be a pain, but it's essential so that the child is comfortable and can do well in school. 


As a result, the pressure to find affordable kids' school shoes to support your child's developing feet is high. 


But you are not alone! The team at Spendless New Zealand will help you, so it will be a smooth task.


We will give you a rundown on the best time to go shopping for kids' school shoes and what you need to look for so you can ensure they are comfortable. So, without further ado, here we go!


When is the Best Time to Shop?


  • In the Afternoon 


We understand how you want to get it over with ASAP, but the afternoon is the best time to shop for kids' school shoes because their feet are at their largest size. In this manner, you can measure your child's feet when swollen from a day's worth of activities and buy them well-fitted kids' school shoes.


Guarantee that you measure each foot separately, including its width and length, and provide space for your child's toes to move around.


  • When Your Child Needs Them


The best time to shop for kids' school shoes is when they need them. Observe your child if they seem in pain or don't want to wear their school shoes—telltale signs they are already uncomfortable.


It's a myth that your child can get by with just one pair of kids' school shoes for the whole academic year. Boys and girls grow at different paces—even from baby to toddler, a growth spurt will require a new set of kids' school shoes.


  • Beat the Crowds


Different brands of kids' school shoes (like Clarks, Harrison, Julius Marlowe, Grosby, Surefit, Skechers, etc.) typically introduce new styles weeks or months before the official start of classes.


We recommend waiting until the last minute to buy new shoes to avoid growth spurts, but there may be other things to consider.


For instance, if the institution wants a specific style, you must search ahead of others looking for the same thing.


  • Check Out Available Deals (Top brands have them, we do, too!)


If only your child could choose when to have his growth spurt, the best time to buy kids' school shoes is during the holidays. At this time, there are a lot of sales and discounts you can enjoy! 


Sales in New Zealand start on Black Friday and even Boxing Day. However, it is worthwhile to investigate some of the available styles of children's school shoes. They might be too early, but it's good to check out some styles of kids' school shoes available. 


Spendless NZ footwear is affordable all year, but buying during the sale season allows you to take advantage of our collections at discounted prices. 


A savvy shopper is always looking for ways to save money on high-quality school shoes for kids.


  • Consider Buying Black School Shoes Online


As the start of the new school year draws near, more people are being cautious when entering crowded areas. More parents, guardians, and children are looking for the best pair of black school shoes. Why not shop for school shoes online? 


You won't have to physically walk around various stores with your children, saving you time (and sore feet). Online shopping for kids' black school shoes is quickly gaining popularity. Buying from the Spendless New Zealand online shop is relatively simple. 


We list the colours and sizes available for each style and have a handy size guide! You can use it to compare the children's sizes from Spendless NZ to those from the UK, US, and EU. There are 16 child sizes available, so you can select kids' school shoes for your child at any stage of growth.


If it's more comfortable for you, you may also shop in-store. Some parents prefer that their kids try on various pairs of kids' school shoes and walk around before buying the best ones.


Some Characteristics to Ensure Your Child's Comfort


  • Things to Check for Comfort


Kids' school shoes with the following characteristics will ensure comfort:


  • Toe Box


Squeezed toes can cause many injuries and discomfort, so it's crucial to look for a wide toe box that allows toes to spread. 


  • Midsole


Purchase the proper midsole, or "floor," for school shoes to protect your child's soles from pain and strain. To keep your child comfortable all day, look for kids' school shoes with the right amount of cushioning for their foot type.


  • Get the Correct Length


Here's how you can accurately measure your child's feet.


Before letting your child stand and place their foot on the innersole, remove the innersoles from their school shoes. Toes should have enough room to spread apart at the end of school shoes. An appropriate distance from the innersole's end should be about a thumb's width. 


  • Flexibility Is a Must


Flexible kids' school shoes will save them from blisters and muscular strain as they walk from one class to another.


A quick test involves twisting the school shoes in opposite directions, where the ideal result is a little twist only. Too much is bad! You can also bend the kids' school shoes; the bend should only reach the midsole, not the heel.


  • Adjustability is Crucial


Kids' school shoes have fastenings that make them adjustable. Your child can adjust the fit of their school shoes using laces, buckles, and touch-fastening straps to make them more comfortable.


  • Ensure That It's Durable should be a priority.


Kids' school shoes shouldn't break in the middle of the day so that your child can be comfortable in all of their classes. Keep their feet covered and protected at all times!


The durability of their school shoes will be tested by New Zealand's unpredictable weather, especially when it's bright and rainy all in one day. However, with high-quality kids' school shoes, they can continue playing and doing their daily activities even on bad weather days. 


Turn shopping from painstaking to fun! (So, Why Is It That Your Shopping Cart Is Empty?)


With our shared tips, you can relax and plan your shopping errand! easy, isn't it?


Your child deserves the best brand of school shoes at the best price. Spendless New Zealand has them! Then, head to our online store (there are no opening hours to worry about; just click and add items from our range of categories). You may also visit our store site nearest to you!