Shopping For School? We’ve Made It Easy!


Are you looking ahead to the new semester already?

We can’t fault you for your forethought. Searching for boys’ school shoes can be a timely and costly endeavour, but at Spendless, we make everything oh-so-simple. We’ve been providing kids with the best footwear for over thirty years, and we know a thing or two about sorting out uniforms. So, if you want to get your child into a new pair of boys’ school shoes fast, then you’ll want to stop and shop at Spendless! We’ve got everything you need to send your kids into the classroom confidently, so let us guide you to the ultimate boys’ school shoes for 2020!


Navigating the Spendless website is no trouble at all 


Since we don’t have physical stores in New Zealand, our overseas customers browse for styles on the Spendless website. Some people prefer to try boys’ school shoes on before they buy them, but there's no need to at Spendless! Our collection of styles is straightforward to find, and each one includes information about the available sizes, material, and features. Boys’ school shoes from Spendless vary from classroom-ready designs to activewear like sneakers, and these are all included together.


What features define our classic boys’ school shoes? 


Rounded toes, grooved soles, and glossy black material are common to classroom styles. However, at Spendless, we take things a step further. First of all, many of our boys’ school shoes feature in-built support and cushioning innersoles, which afford kids excellent and enduring comfort. Secondly, we give customers a choice of leather or synthetic materials. All of our boys’ school shoes get labelled as vegan-friendly or leather, so shoppers with a material-preference will enjoy the clear distinction. 


Our sandals make easy-breezy boys’ school shoes


Hot weather can be a struggle for kids in uniform. If your child is sensitive to the heat or gets blisters and other skin irritations from sweaty feet, then our sandals are a fantastic solution. Sandal-style boys’ school shoes have covered toes, so teachers shouldn’t stop your child from going out on the playground. The partially-open designs serve to cool down tiny feet and keep kids happier during the warmer months. The elasticized bands and touch-fastening strap on these boys’ school shoes create a secure and adjustable fit, so they’re perfectly comfortable.


What about sneakers or trainers? 


If your child loves playing sports, then a set of sneakers is a must-have item! A sporty pair of boys’ school shoes is essential for PE classes, extracurricular sports, and other action-packed activities. We offer all-black and all-white styles for students who need to follow stringent dress codes. However, our broader collection of sneaker and trainers come with all sorts of colours and decorations. For our youngest customers, Spendless has versions with touch-fastening straps. Older students, in the meantime, will find that lace-up boys’ school shoes are their ideal fit.


Do you need a hand maintaining your current pair?


As kids continue to grow, boys’ school shoes need nearly yearly replacement. However, if your child’s footwear is still the right size, but is starting to wear down, then Spendless recommends some care accessories. You can use our Instant Shine Sponge to wipe away grime and give your boys’ school shoes a like-new look. If the shoelaces are starting to split or fray, then a replacement pair of laces are only a few clicks away! Finally, if your child needs extra support or comfort from their boys’ school shoes, then our gel inserts and innersoles are a perfect choice.


Shop for your child’s uniform at Spendless! 


We take the stress out of buying boys’ school shoes. If you don’t believe us, then browse our website sometime, and you’ll see what we mean!