Signs It’s Time to Purchase New School Shoes

Recognising the right time to change the kids’ school shoes is integral to maintaining the child’s foot health, comfort, and overall performance in the classroom and on the playground. As a parent, you must ensure your child wears footwear that fully serves and supports them. Address anything that causes them pain, discomfort, or distraction, especially when it’s as essential as kids’ school shoes.


However, identifying the best time to replace their academic footwear can be challenging for busy parents. With so many things on their plate, it’s easy to overlook the signs that a new pair of kids’ school shoes are needed. Let’s make things simpler.


Spendless New Zealand is a trusted authority on academic footwear, offering an exceptional collection that meets all the necessary criteria. Spendless NZ kids’ school shoes are stylish, comfortable, supportive, durable, and affordable. But despite all these excellent features, the following indicators will prompt parents to return to the brand for a new one. Let’s explore the usual signs that it’s time to purchase a new pair of kids’ school shoes. Let’s start!


1. Toes Are Touching the Tip of the Shoe


It’s time to head over to Spendless NZ when you notice your child’s toes touching the tips of their school shoes. Growth spurts are usual for children going through puberty and development. When shopping for kids’ school shoes, it’s typical to leave a 1 cm gap between the tips of their longest toes and the footwear. This space is for growth spurts, which occur a lot of times. We recommend that parents check every four to eight weeks to see if the gap still exists and replace the kids’ school shoes once they are gone.


The right fit is essential because your child wears academic footwear all day, five days a week. If the kids’ school shoes feel tight or lack enough wiggle room, it’s time for a change. And since there’s no specific formula to predict when these growth spurts might occur, you must regularly check for changes in their shoe size.


At Spendless NZ, the brand ensures your child can find kids’ school shoes in their size. The collection ranges from sizes 9–13 and 1–11. The only requirement is knowing their Spendless NZ size because sizing can vary between shoe brands. Our handy size guide makes converting from US, UK, or EU sizing systems easy.


2. No More Treads


The treads of kids’ school shoes play a vital role in your child’s safety, providing traction to keep them steady on various surfaces. When the treads wear out, the academic footwear loses its ability to provide the necessary grip to prevent your child from slipping or falling. Kids’ school shoes act as a brake for children, offering stability during classroom and playground activities. Additionally, an uneven presence of treads can affect a child’s posture and gait. Mismatched treads between the two kids’ school shoes can lead to walking imbalances and long-term effects on alignment. Avoid these issues by being on the lookout for any signs of wearing out. Regularly inspect the soles by turning the kids’ school shoes over. At Spendless NZ, you can quickly find options with grooved soles to ensure your child’s safety and comfort.


3. Your Child is Complaining


Listening to your child is necessary to determine whether it’s time to purchase new kids’ school shoes for them. If your child consistently complains about their footwear, it’s a clear sign that it’s causing discomfort. Your child’s well-being and ability to focus are top priorities, so paying attention to their complaints is essential. 


By listening to your child, you can prevent the unnecessary pain caused by ill-fitting kids’ school shoes and encourage them to communicate more openly. Some children may silently endure the discomfort because they are too shy to express feelings. Paying attention to their complaints about the kids’ school shoes fosters better communication and strengthens the parent-child relationship.


4. Visible Wear and Tear


Visible damage to the kids’ school shoes, such as holes, tears, or detached soles, compromises their effectiveness. It hinders the primary function of academic footwear, which is to provide comfort and protection. Instead, the damaged shoes expose your child’s feet to wet conditions, sharp objects, and uneven surfaces, putting them at risk.


Moreover, worn-out academic footwear can impact your child’s self-esteem and confidence, especially if they face negative peer comments or teasing. It may lead to withdrawal and reluctance to participate in games and social situations because they are embarrassed about their kids’ school shoes.


The Spendless NZ collection boasts trendy and durable options. Classical and timeless styles are every child’s favourite, and their classmates love and compliment them positively. Find an excellent replacement that your child can proudly wear in the classroom and on the playground.


5. It has Become Challenging to use the Fastenings


Fastenings are an essential feature of kids’ school shoes. Whether touch-fastening straps, buckles, or laces, these closures ensure that the academic footwear fits securely. They provide stable support that prevents the feet from sliding inside the kids’ school shoes and offer a customisable fit that gives your child control over the tightness. If your child struggles to use the fastenings, it can indicate they have worn out—for example, touch-fastening straps may have lost their adhesion, or buckles may no longer lock. In such cases, the kids’ school shoes will not stay on properly, increasing the risk of tripping. Since these fastenings are part of the footwear, it’s time to replace them. On the other hand, laces are independent of the kids’ school shoes, so you only need to replace them and not the entire footwear.


Get extra laces from Spendless NZ. The brand understands how essential fastenings are and ensures its collection of kid's school shoes has options with touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces.


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