Signs You Need to Invest in New Boots This Season!


Should you be adding boots into your shopping cart this season?

Spendless Shoes has some quick questions to check the quality of your current collection. We cover some clear-cut danger signs below, as well as a little styling guide. Now, read on for the details!


Holes in the soles are a clear sign that your boots are due for an update!


The game is up once your socks are visible through the sides of your supposed-to-be-covered shoes. They may start off little, but holes in the fabric will continue to split and wear down. If you get a gap between the base of your boots and the sides, you might suffer the embarrassment of losing the bottom of it while you’re out somewhere and have to improvise. Instead of drawing out the pain taping, pinning, or glueing up boots that are falling apart, head to Spendless Shoes for a new set!


Our affordable prices make buying new boots a breeze!


Part of the reason we all hold onto badly-worn shoes is that spending money on a new pair is daunting. However, Spendless makes paying for new boots effortlessly easy. Prices are low from the outset and we are always putting on sales and promotions for the season’s best styles. Flexible payment options like Zip and Afterpay also allow customers to split the bill and pay back their boots over a series of installments instead of at once. That way, you can get the shoes you need as soon as you want them, and give yourself more time to cover the cost.


Are your boots all a single height?


You might be due for new shoes too! Having some diversity in your collection is always a bonus. Someone with only over-the-knee boots will have trouble wearing them with pants or in certain seasons, while people with only ankle-high style miss out on the warmth and coverage that a taller design affords.


Are your slippers looking tired and worn out?


Frayed indoor boots that are falling apart are always a sad sight during winter. If you want to treat yourself to the ultimate comfort and warmth this winter, then you need decent ugg boots. Our styles cover customers of all ages and feature fuzzy inner lining.


Did you lose a set of boots to water damage last year?


While faux suede and other synthetic materials can handle a bit of water, exposing them to a lot of it without waterproofing will ruin the fabric. At Spendless Shoes, we have the perfect replacement waiting for you: rain boots! These are the ideal pick for anyone who needs shoes that can endure torrential rain, muddy puddles, squelchy lawns, and wet leaves. Our rain boots have simple pull-on designs and are easy to rinse off and clean once they get dirty. If your collection lacks a sturdy set of rain boots, then fill the gap with our classic black, leopard-spotted, and plaid print styles.


Do you have any patterned styles in your wardrobe?  


If you didn’t answer in the affirmative, then you definitely need to get some new boots this season! Animal-inspired prints have taken the fashion world by storm, and this is one look that you don’t want to miss out on in 2019. Our leopard print boots are favourites and a great place to start, but you can always grab a set of our sleek snakeskin-covered styles as well. These will instantly brighten up your wardrobe and lift your look, so get on trend with animal patterns!


Which ones are missing from your wardrobe?


Have fun spending less on shoes this season and keep your wardrobe trendy at the same time. Spendless Shoes has all the boots you need and then some!