Signs Your Kid is Wearing the Wrong School Shoes

Preparing yourself and the children for the year ahead can involve lots of planning around what kid's school shoes to buy. As a parent, you want to ensure your child has the most comfortable and supportive pair of kids casual shoes so they can avoid any injuries during the day.


It can be quite easy for parents to forget that their child is constantly growing and may choose to buy a new pair of kid's acer school shoes at the start of the year without considering a new size or style. This process is not the end of the world; however, it can encourage other problems to occur. We have generated a list of things to look out for to determine if your kid is wearing the wrong trail run shoes.


It may not happen instantly, but you will find certain things about their footwear that indicate an upgrade is needed over time. Take a read below on our selection of signs to look out for when determining if your child's senior school shoes is wearing the wrong kids sneakers.


Tip 1 – Blisters, Everywhere!


One sign to look out for is if your child starts to develop blisters. With a brand-new pair of girls and boys school shoes, it is common for your child to experience some blisters on their ankles and soles of their feet. However, if your child starts to show signs of multiple blisters a few months into wearing their girls or boys shoes, then there may be a problem with their current casual shoes.


Blisters are caused by constant friction between the material and the child's feet, resulting in painful and uncomfortable blisters. If there is friction between your child's feet and their kid's party shoes, then it may be a sign that they are too small for them.


Now, you may be wondering how their pair of kids new arrivals are too small for them now but fit them perfectly at the time of purchase. Well, the answer is simple. Your child's feet are growing, and they are growing at a much quicker rate than you had expected.


Therefore, the blisters are a sign that you should invest in a new pair of black school shoes, so they do not have to wear the wrong size for much longer. Blisters can also highlight that your sports shoes may be irritating your child's feet because of the choice of worn socks. Friction within the cross training footwear can get triggered due to excessive moisture and sweat.


When this occurs, friction should not be an issue unless the pair of socks your child is wearing have worn out. So the best way to resolve this issue without splurging on a new pair of kid's brown school shoes is to stock up on some thick, comfortable, and breathable socks for your child.


Tip 2 – Sore Feet!


Sore and tired feet after a big day full of learning and play is also a sign that your kid's dress shoes are not the right fit for them. Sore feet can get caused by a multitude of reasons. However, when it comes to kids sport shoes, there is usually only a few options.


If your child is coming home with sore and tired feet each day, and they have not spent that much time running around in them, then there may be a sizing issue. Kids shoes that are too small for your child's feet can make them feel sore after a few hours. If they are a pair of ace school shoes with laces, there might also be an issue with how tight these are tied up.


If your child is new to tying their laces, it could be beneficial if you double-check how tight they have done them before they leave for the day. Small kid's popular brands shoes mean that you will have to invest in a new pair. However, if you have younger children with smaller feet, they might be able to wear them instead.


This tip is the perfect option for parents who are budget conscious and need some leeway when it comes to finding affordable kid's school shoes and sports watches.


Tip 3 – Gaping From The Back And Sides!


Are you noticing your kid's school shoes are starting to gape on the sides or at the back?


Well, we have the answer for you. Gaping occurs in footwear when people have flat feet, and the pair of kicks do not have enough arch support to lift and hold your feet in the right position when wearing the footwear. Lucky for all parents, this issue does not require you to splurge on a new pair of kid's wide fit shoes. Instead, you can invest in some innersoles for your kid's school shoes to help shape their feet.


Innersoles provide supportive cushioning for the inside of the footwear and are shaped to suit your child's feet. Innersoles offer plenty of support and can adjust the way your child's feet sit within the pair of kid's foam rollers shoes to arch them and eliminate the gaping.


If these do not work, you may need to see a professional and invest in innersoles specifically designed for your child's feet. This issue can also occur with a new pair of kid's ankle boots designed to suit the shape and arch of their feet specifically.


Tip 4 – Uncomfortable And Unhappy!


Does your child come home in an unhappy mood? This may be a sign that their hush puppies school shoes are not the right pair for them. Children are often unhappy due to bad experiences throughout the day, but if you know that they enjoy their time during the day, it may be caused by something else.


Uncomfortable kid's school shoes may be the reason why your child is unhappy. If they are walking differently or always losing a pair of footwear, they are trying to tell you that they do not like their kids' school shoes. To solve this, it is worthwhile to ask your child why they are upset and if it is because of their kid's school shoes, then offer to take them to the store with you to choose a new pair.


This way, you can identify whether the footwear was causing feelings of discomfort or if they did not like the footwear they had to wear. Perhaps they were wearing touch-fastening kid's school shoes but preferred lace-ups instead. These mistakes can occur easily and are very common amongst young children. They are constantly growing and evolving, and so are their fashion tastes.


Bringing your child with you to the store to choose a pair of kid's mary janes shoes will help to avoid this from occurring. It also ensures your child is as happy as can be.    


Time For A New Pair Of Kid's School Shoes?


If your child's current footwear shows you that they are not the right ones for them, then it might be time to invest in a new pair. Spendless Shoes NZ has all of your kid's school shoes that need to get sorted, so head on to their website and discover more.