Sneakers Ready For Any Hike? Spendless Have You Covered!

Are you ready to get outside and have an adventure?

Spendless Shoes offers the perfect assortment of styles for guys who are always on the move, whether the weather is at its best or its worst! Our men’s sneakers will help you push yourself to go further than ever before. We create styles with outstanding grip and support so you can feel confident to go wherever the day takes you.


You’ll love how versatile our men’s sneakers are too, once you realise how many different places and ways you can wear them. Take the plunge and find out everything you need to know about our hiking, walking, running, and active styles. The best men’s sneakers could be yours in no time!


We design our styles for the ultimate endurance 


Men’s sneakers are made to last at Spendless Shoes. These are a quintessential pair in any guy’s collection, and we’re determined to see that you get your fair share of wear from them. The bottom tread is grooved and shaped to enable proper grip on uneven, slippery, and shifting surfaces. As such, your men’s sneakers will be able to take you from the mountains to the coast and back again.


Ankle padding and cushioning innersoles are some other features you can enjoy from our styles, and these offer support and cosiness in equal measure. The material of men’s sneakers has ample air circulation and will stop your feet from stifling. The material is also robust and will protect you from sharp rocks, spiky foliage, and other hazardous elements. Finally, the elasticised or lace-up fastenings allow you to alter the fit on a need-by basis.


Our men’s sneakers are affordable and high quality 


After all, why would you settle for anything less? Men’s sneakers from our collection have a low starting price that any budget will love. Not only that, but our flexible payment options are a bonus too! Our New Zealand customers can use their LayBuy account to buy styles and delay the payment. So, there’s no excuse for missing out on a new pair of men’s sneakers this year.


We never compromise quality at Spendless Shoes either! When you buy men’s sneakers from us, you know that the excellent support, hard-wearing material, and unrivalled comfort will see you through any challenge. It’s our goal to ensure that our customers get value for money from your active footwear, and that means providing styles with the best features. So, what’s not to love about men’s sneakers?


Why else should these interest you?


Our New Zealand customers usually recognise the value of men’s sneakers right away, given how many amazing hikes there are in both the South and North Island. When you’re planning for your next hike or escapade, then these are a natural choice. However, if you’re still on-the-fence about these active styles, then we have some other uses for you to consider.


Men’s sneakers get designed to endure rough terrain, fast-paced sports, and high-impact activities. As such, these shoes offer some of the longest-lasting comfort and support. Spending a day and night in men’s sneakers is no struggle at all, so they’re perfect for running errands and for handling a hectic day. Shoes from this collection are a best friend for guys who love their morning run, sports games, or gym workouts too. And, if you decide to wear them casually instead, then pairing men’s sneakers with athletic wear is a breeze.


The men’s sneakers of the season are only a few clicks away!


Will you treat yourself to a new set as we head towards 2020? Get the supportive and durable men’s sneakers that you deserve at Spendless Shoes today! Let us make your next outing unforgettable!