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Kids' school shoe shopping is stressful every year. But it is an essential errand that parents and guardians must do. Some may think it's challenging to remember all the dos and don'ts of shopping for school shoes and need guidance. Since children's feet are still developing until puberty, they require supportive and comfortable school shoes—and  Spendless New Zealand knows that!


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Amazing Features


1. A Wide Toe Box


It's a common misperception that children's feet are just smaller versions of adults’. This is untrue, so they need kids' school shoes with a wide toe box. How come?


Examine your child's feet closely; you will notice that the toes and the ball are wider than the foot itself. As such, kids' school shoes with wider toe boxes allow children's toes to develop correctly.


People who have bunions, ingrown toenails, or squished toes as adults can blame the ill-fitting footwear they had as children. Kids' school shoes have space for toes to spread naturally, as they play a significant role in the balance and coordination of your child. Furthermore, a wide toe box helps with breathability and supports development and growth.


2. Flexibility


Because kids' school shoes are extensions of your child's feet, they should move naturally with their feet. Your child's foot strength, muscular growth, and balance will all improve with footwear that promotes more natural movement. How can you check this?


Grab each kid's school shoes and hold the toe and heel parts. Then, rotate them oppositely to ensure there is movement. You may also fold the footwear from toe to heel.


Wearing hard-soled kids' school shoes will cause your child's feet to move unnaturally, resulting in strained joints and other body parts. Your child's feet not moving naturally can impact their ankles, back, forefoot area, heels, and legs.


3. Adjustable Fastening Mechanism


To keep your child's feet safe and secure throughout the day, school shoes for kids must have an adjustable fastening mechanism. Additionally, a flexible fastening system is necessary for feet that are rapidly growing because it can be modified to fit growing feet.


In addition, fastenings secure the kids' school shoes and save the toes from clawing to grip the footwear. The available fastenings at Spendless New Zealand are laces, buckles, and touch-fastening straps.


Fastening 1—Laces


Laces are long, thin strings that tie kids' school shoes in place. It works by moving through the footwear's eyelets, enabling uniform tension throughout the foot by minimising pressure points and boosting blood flow below the ankle.


In need of additional laces or new pairs? Purchase from Everflex! You can wash or replace this fastening separately from your child's school shoes because it is the only one not connected to them.


These lace-up school shoes for kids have a mesh lining that breathes, a padded collar for comfort, a removable insole for a custom fit, and reinforced toe and heel for stability and support.


Boys and girls love this style because they can tighten or loosen their footwear when they want to, providing them with the adjustability they need to remain comfortable throughout the day!


Fastening 2—Touch-Fastening Straps


Children's school shoes at Spendless New Zealand also come with touch-fastening straps as a fastening option. These straps are two nylon fabric strips—one with tiny hooked threads and the other with a rough surface—that lock and form a solid bond when pressed together. While less adaptable than laces' ability to alter the tightness, this fastening still permits adjustment.


Some drawbacks of this fastening method include the following:


  • Straps frequently pick up lint, dirt, or other stray particles that can reduce their effectiveness. However, household items like tweezers and duct tape help you keep them clean.
  • The straps of kids' school shoes attach to materials and can damage them.
  • The noise they make when pulling the touch-fastening straps apart.


Double Straps


Spendless New Zealand's double strap style is popular with both boys and girls. These kids' school shoes utilise two touch-fastening straps to secure footwear. Thanks to the sturdy and supportive soles underneath, this design is ideal for active students who love joining activities on the playground and in the classroom.


Mary Janes


Girls love these classic kids' school shoes, which have been a uniform staple since coming out for several reasons. Mary-Janes use a single touch-fastening strap to hold the footwear on your daughter's feet.


Second, the open-top design allows for breathability, which is ideal for warm days in New Zealand.


Third, the flexible outsole and padded insole will give your kid the best possible comfort and support!


These kids' school shoes are a favourite among young girls because of their shiny finish, round toe, and flexible but durable sole, which give them baby doll vibes!


Fastening 3—Buckles


Buckles are the last fastening available at Spendless New Zealand for you to discover! They are a tool that fastens two loose ends of the kids' school shoes by holding one end by an attachment and the other by a catch in a safe but adjustable way.


This fastening latches on the hole of the footwear's strap. Adjustability is possible depending on where your child hooks the buckle on the kids' school shoes.



T-bars are classic school shoes for girls because they have two or more straps. Note that they form one or more T shapes, hence the name. This timeless footwear for kids with higher insteps gives your child several benefits:


  • Flattering to the feet
  • Easy to wear
  • Gives incredible support
  • Cushioning that has optimum support and comfort for the ankle area.


The chic laser-cut patterns on these kids' school shoes allow airflow, while the flexible design and grooved grip bring a comfortable and supportive fit. The adjustable buckle locks the footwear firmly in place.


Your Child Deserves Black School Shoes from Spendless New Zealand


The best children's school shoes are those that you can find at Spendless New Zealand, not those from premium brands. Our footwear brand will provide your child with the support and comfort they need as they go through the demands of their classes.


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