Spice Up Your Child's School Uniform With These Fun Kids' School Shoes From Spendless!

Are you tired of the same look your child has been wearing daily? Do you want to add some excitement and personality to their outfits?

If so, it's time to change things up with a pair of kids' school shoes! While you cannot touch or alter their uniforms, you can change their academic footwear. Kids' school shoes play a massive role in your child's learning experience. Your child's focus in the classroom and safety in the playground are paramount, all of which will depend on their academic footwear. How so?

In the classroom, a tiny distraction can make them lose their attention; a painful pair of footwear can do that. They'll be so concerned with how the footwear rubs on their foot that they can't absorb anything else. Meanwhile, your child will likely play with their peers in the playground. They need academic footwear that provides traction and grip on various surfaces so they won't fall while playing. 

But apart from functionality, aesthetics is equally essential. Finding kids' school shoes with fun styles will boost their confidence and make them stand a little taller and sit straighter. Spendless New Zealand's collection will ensure your child will love how the kids' school shoes make them look and feel. Discover the various styles your child needs with the help of the Spendless NZ team. Let's start! 


Style 1—Pull-On Boots


Pull-on boots are an exciting addition to your child's uniform. These kids' school shoes for boys are the easiest to wear because they do not have any closures to deal with. With the help of pull tabs, your child can pull the boots on and be ready in seconds. No fumbling with fastenings, which usually takes up time in the morning when every minute counts. With features like elastic side gussets for an excellent fit, gripped soles for traction, and a rounded-toe design for comfort on their lovely toes, these kids' school shoes are a must!

These school shoes are versatile. Since boots look amazing with uniforms, expect them to look great with other outfits, like a suit. This footwear style is so fun, and the fit is so comfy that your child will want to wear them on weekends, too! 


Style 2—Mary Jane


Mary Jane is a fun way to spice up your child's classroom look. These timeless kids' school shoes for girls have been THE popular choice for years because of their classic style. The round-toe design and single adjustable strap across the in-step have been Mary Jane looks since. Ladies of various ages instantly know that their style metre goes up when they wear these beautiful school shoes. 

Mary Jane is a reliable choice, especially during warmer days. The open-top design allows ventilation to keep your child's feet fresh and sweat-free. These kids' school shoes are as fashionable as possible, elevating your child's uniform. This style is not called a baby doll shoe for nothing. And like other Spendless NZ style options, the Mary Jane kids' school shoes are versatile and would complement a lovely dress for special occasions.


Style 3—Double Straps


Changing your child's uniform into something more fun is easy when you choose Spendless NZ's double straps. These unisex kids' school shoes are brimming with style and comfort. They are not the conventional style people would typically make their children wear, so that's a plus. Being different is good. With its rounded-toe design for comfort, two touch-fastening straps for adjustable security, and gripped soles, your child will get the comfort and support they need to get through the day's activities.

But apart from being a practical and comfortable choice, this footwear will boost your child's cuteness. Their versatility is limitless, as they look good with uniforms for girls and boys. During weekends, your daughter can wear them with dresses and tights, or suits and jeans for your son. And if you have both, they can share these kids' school shoes for more fun!


Style 4—T-Bar


Students and parents alike will agree that a pair of T-bar kids' school shoes for girls is an excellent choice to boost a school uniform. This footwear style for girls has a couple of similarities with Mary Jane, including the rounded-toe and open-top design. While both have straps across the in-step for adjustable security, the T-bar is a buckled T-strap instead of a single touch-fastening strap.

These academic shoes have raised the style factor a notch or two with their functional laser cutouts. These cutouts, in the form of geometric shapes or flowers, are so adorable that your child will not stop gushing about them. Plus, they boost the breathability of the footwear, so it's a win!


Style 5—Lace-Up


The second unisex kids' school shoe from Spendless NZ will be a great addition to your son or daughter's uniform. Lace-ups are the best option to provide your child with style and comfort. These classic kids' school shoes, with their round toes, leather material, gripped soles, and lace fastenings, ensure your child looks and feels excellent every day.

Learning in the classroom and playing in the playground have never looked so good and felt so safe. Thanks to laces, your child can comfortably spend long hours in school because they can customise the fit of their shoes. And like all other Spendless NZ style options, lace-ups are versatile and would complement your child's weekend outfits, too!


Style 6—Sneakers


Be sure to get your child a second pair of kids' school shoes for more physical activities like sports and PE. The sneakers and trainers at Spendless NZ are a sure-fire way to add more personality to your child's uniform. With various colours and comfortable materials, these kid's school shoes will be instant favourites!


Boost Your Child's Style with Spendless NZ School Shoes!


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