Start the Term Off Right With a Pair of New Kids' School Shoes!

Students have mixed emotions regarding a new pair of kids’ school shoes. Some are happy because they usually get excited about anything new, while others become cranky because academic footwear reminds them that vacation is over. Whether they welcome having a new pair of kids’ school shoes or shy away, getting new ones is essential.

Academic footwear tops the list of must-haves for back-to-school needs. Besides shopping for a backpack, notebooks, pens, and a water bottle, parents and guardians set aside a budget for kids’ school shoes because they can affect the child’s performance in the classroom and playground. Investing in excellent options is an investment towards their future. While parents want only the best for their children, some think they can’t get excellent ones because they do not have the budget. Your search for fantastic kids’ school shoes that tick all the necessary features ends at Spendless New Zealand.

Not only is Spendless NZ's academic footwear collection the best, but it is also within your budget. You don’t have to break the bank because you can get Spendless NZ kids’ school shoes at reasonable prices. Besides providing parents with premium and affordable choices, the brand also has flexible payment techniques that enable you to buy now and pay in instalments later. Isn’t that great?

Discover why Spendless NZ kids’ school shoes are the perfect start to a new term. Let’s dive in!


Why Students Need an Excellent Pair of School Shoes


While it may seem that kids’ school shoes are a mundane purchase, the significance of selecting the right option for the new term cannot be overstated. Beyond mere aesthetics, why is academic footwear essential?


1. Boosts Learning and Concentration


The right pair of kids’ school shoes boosts a student’s ability to concentrate and learn. They can focus on the lessons and activities, engage in discussions, and absorb everything without distractions. 


2. Nurtures Comfort and Health


It’s essential for students to feel comfortable and healthy, especially when they are spending most of their weekdays in school. A well-fitted pair of kids’ school shoes supports growing feet and prevents issues like blisters. When your child is comfortable, they can focus on their tasks and participate in games.


3. Keeps Students Safe


Proper kids’ school shoes with grooved soles and secure fastenings reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Traction enables their footwear to grip surfaces to keep them steady, especially when chasing their classmates around the playground or doing sports at the end of the day. Meanwhile, secure fastenings ensure the kids’ school shoes don’t come off accidentally. Spendless NZ uses three kinds: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces.


4. Improves Posture and Gait 


Kids’ school shoes that provide enough support improve your child’s posture and gait. During their formative years, when bone structure, posture and muscles are still developing, finding the right option is essential. Ill-fitting kids’ school shoes can negatively affect their growth, which may persist into adulthood.


What to Avoid When Choosing Options


Parents often make critical mistakes when shopping for their children’s school shoes. The wrong options can affect their child’s learning experience, so it is essential to avoid errors. 


1. Leaving Your Child at Home


Ideally, adults can finish their errands faster when the children do not tag along. But shopping for kids’ school shoes is a task that needs your child’s participation. With the child with you, they can try different options and get their correct measurements. You can also ask for help from their in-store fit experts. Walking around the store helps your child determine if the kids’ school shoes fit right and give the proper support. More importantly, they can immediately comment on the style and feel, allowing them to look at other options.


2. Getting a Bigger Size


Parents think buying kids’ school shoes two sizes bigger will save them future shopping trips and money. While the logic is there, with students often having growth spurts, heftier footwear can cause more problems for your child. Students wearing kids’ school shoes that do not fit properly can overcompensate, clawing at the footwear, which can alter how they walk.


3. Expecting the Footwear to Last All Year


Although Spendless NZ boasts of durable kids’ school shoes, other factors can affect their longevity. Constant wear and tear, New Zealand’s unpredictable weather, and lack of proper care and maintenance can shorten the lifespan of their academic footwear. Frequent growth spurts also require a new pair of kids’ school shoes mid-year. Check their footwear every four to eight weeks to ensure your child gets complete protection. Look for signs of wear like smoothing soles where grooves used to be, the 1 cm gap between their longest toe and the footwear, and if fastenings still work well. All these features ensure the kids’ school shoes work fine. If one doesn’t perform as it should, it’s time to get a new one.


4. Buying Second-hand


Parents think that saving money takes precedence over their child’s health. While it’s true that hand-me-downs cost less or none, they won’t provide the proper support for your child’s feet, or worse, they can give your child unwanted infections. Kids’ school shoes that you thought could cost less will be more costly when they affect your child’s foot health.


5. Shopping in the Morning


Early risers will agree that the earlier you get things done, the better the rest of your day will be. However, it’s a different case when shopping for kids’ school shoes, which you must do in the afternoon. Their feet swell at the end of the day, so you must shop for their footwear at that time to account for that growth. We also recommend that you bring the socks they will wear in school, as their thickness can also affect how the kid's school shoes fit.


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