Stay active with walking and running shoes from Spendless

Get active shoes for less

Do you need a new pair of active shoes? Spendless has got a whole range of styles to help you keep fit and on your feet! We have sneakers, trainers, walkers, and a bunch of other kinds of comfort and active shoes for our customers. So, let's have a look at your options!

Slip-on styles

Our easy slip-on women's styles at Spendless are perfect active shoes for ladies of all ages. They are lightweight and flexible, but come with a sporty sole that is perfect for staying on the move. With an excellent bottom grip and durable sole, you will get more than your fair share of mileage out of these active shoes.

Plus, you can choose from so many different styles and colours. There is cool contrast stitching on several of our active shoes for added style, and you can choose from colours such as black, grey, blue, red, and more.
Do you suffer from sweaty feet? It is no problem with our active shoes. The breathable top mesh on our walking and active shoes provide plenty of airflow. This should stop foot odour from clinging to the material, and keep your active shoes fine and fresh.

These are by far our easiest active shoes to slip in and out of. You just slide them on and get going! If you want a pair that will never be a hassle, you should definitely consider grabbing some of these off of our shelves.

Make a statement with chic looks

Want to make a cool casual fashion statement? Check out the fantastic retro trainers from Spendless. These active shoes have been popular all year, but spring and summer promise to lift them up another level. The most popular colours this season follow the vintage trend, with a mix of monochrome colours such as black, white and grey at the forefront.

You can tell the sportier designs from the casual active shoes by their tread— if they look more like a skate or tennis-style active shoes, then you probably will not want to be running marathons in them anytime soon. Beyond that, our retro trainers are great for an easy style to wear out to the shops, running errands, or heading out on the weekend. All in all, they make wonderful, casual active shoes.

Sports luxe

Sports luxe (or luxury) active shoes are top-tier when it comes to style. These come with metallic decorations, detailing in the fabric, and an array of different finishes. Want shiny leather-look or some soft faux suede? We have sneakers and trainers for all ages in this section— all you need to do is start looking.

Join the big leagues with top-grade styles

Of course, we cannot possibly talk about active shoes without talking about sneakers. Sneakers from Spendless are more versatile than ever. These are perfect for anyone who loves hitting the gym after work on the weekends. In fashion-forward colours and designs, you can easily pull off a casual style with your other active wear. Be careful though, or you might never want to take them off!

They provide arch support for your feet and help absorb shock while you keep yourself fit. Whether you want active shoes for a workout or something casual to go jogging in every once in a while, these will be a perfect fit!

So, what's your flavour?

At Spendless, we have active shoes cater to every taste. No matter what stage of life you are at, or the amount of movement you do on a weekly basis, Spendless is sure to have something that you are going to love. Get active shoes for less when you shop with us today. Visit Spendless online for the hottest new looks.