Stylish Boots Perfect for the Auckland Professional!

New Zealanders give high priority to work-life balance. They recognize the importance of bringing their A-game at work and performing at their best. How to perform well and be motivated all day? Look and feel your best.


Thankfully, Spendless Shoes is here to complete your daily work OOTD. Our boots will enhance your professional look and protect your feet. We all want multi-functional footwear. If your are looking for the hottest styles of boots , here at spendless shoes is here to help you find the fantastic and elegant boots that gives many benefits .


SpendlessNZ has a wide range of boots to choose from like, leather boots, heeled boots, ankle boots, flat boots, lace up boots, long boots, and even women's boots. Women's boots are very popular in australia, especially heeled boots. You can match these to any outfit like mini skirt or jeans. You can Add this to your shopping bag. Fill your shopping bag with different types of boots.


Why Wear Boots to Work?


Auckland, the 2021 Most Liveable City in the World, is home to working professionals. People want to be the best in what they do, even with what they wear. As a professional living in the city, boots are essential because of their versatility. Wearing boots looks classy and elegant,women's boots like lace up boots and leather boots are eye catching to everyone's who sees it. 


Buy your first purchase of heeled boots and you can never go wrong. The price is affordable. Price are depending on the styles.  You want to wear it to work. Then head on to after-work events, when you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.


At work, boots help protect your feet. There are instances when you are clumsy and end up slipping, or worse, have objects fall on you. If you want low heeled boots, flat boots is best and easy to wear. We don't want that happening. 


They also improve and support proper posture. Standing and sitting for long periods can cause havoc on your feet and body. Wearing boots will provide your feet with appropriate cushioning. Not all boots required high heeled. Heel height depends on the occasion and outfit you are wearing.


In addition, boots are perfect for extreme weather changes. It's known to many how crazy the weather in New Zealand can be. Some even joke that you can experience four seasons in one day. 


You may experience this, so it's best to wear this footwear to work and come prepared. After enumerating the reasons, you are likely wondering where to buy the most affordable, stylish, comfortable, and versatile pair of boots. 


There's no need to search far since Spendless Shoes NZ has all you require and more. Our team at Spendless made it easier for you by giving you a rundown of what we offer.




Spendless has all sorts of boots for all types of guys. It is one of the top must-have footwear for men. Why? Because they are practical and comfortable. Plus, they are also versatile and stylish. A pair of boots can easily take you from work to the weekend. 


Men's boot have also different styles. Boots online shopping is very convenient. Sign ups using your account, then search filters, choose the brands and the fashion trend on our page.


They are an asset to your wardrobe because they go well with smart-casual and semi-formal outfits. Our men's shoes come in four easy-to-match colours. These colours are black, brown, tan, and wheat.


Let us look at the different boots available for men at Spendless Shoes. You never know when a pair, or maybe five, catches your eye.


Style 1 - Pull-On


Pull-on boots are an ideal pair for a day of work in Auckland. They are sleek and minimal in appearance, suitable for both casual and formal outfits. These are perfect for a less formal day at work. 

Match them with jeans and a roll-neck sweater, topped with a jacket. On more formal days, when you have a client meeting perhaps, wear them with a suit. So dashing, we must say!


Style 2 - Ankle


Ankle boots at Spendless come in either pull-on or laced. They reach as high as or just a bit above the ankles. These kinds, like the pull-on, are perfect for casual and smart casual looks at work.

These shoes look best when paired with jeans or trousers and a button-up shirt or sweater. Impress your colleagues and co-workers with how fashionable you can be by coming to work in a pair of Spendless Shoes.


Style 3 - Combat


Combat boots add a little toughness to your overall look. Wear this on days you want to exude the "Don't mess with me" vibe. You've probably seen soldiers wearing combat boots. Since these are more rugged, it's best to wear them on casual days. 

Maybe choose them when you need to be a hospitable co-worker and play host on a weekend outing. 


Style 4 - Work


Originally for construction sites, work boots have graduated to casual wear. Functional and fashionable, this pair is sturdy, practical, and ideal for protecting your feet from injuries and falling debris. The relaxed look of work boots makes them suitable with jeans and t-shirts. 




Boots are perfect for professional women living in a colder climate. We mentioned earlier that New Zealand weather is unpredictable, and it would be wise to come to work prepared. Are you wondering if boots are appropriate for work since dress shoes are more accepted?


The good news is that they have become trendier over time, making them suitable for all work settings. Have you seen our available collection? As early as now, we're warning you that you might find it hard to resist them once you see them. 


Women's boots at Spendless Shoes NZ are too good to be true. Let us go through the different styles we carry.


Style 1 - Ankle   


We want to protect your precious dainty feet throughout the fast-changing weather. The women's ankle boots at Spendless Shoes reach the ankle, where your lower calf and foot meet. Depending on your height preference, you can choose the low-heeled or flat version of these women's casual shoes. 


Women are known to be social butterflies. They want to spend time with people, and this pair is a must. You can take your ankle boots to work and after work. Hang out with your colleagues in Auckland, where food, wine, coffee, arts, and culture thrive. 


Protect your feet more by purchasing our different foot care essentials, like gel cushions and inner soles. 


Style 2 - Long   


Long boots reach the area above the ankles and below the knees. Fancy wearing a midi skirt to work? Then, get a pair of long boots as they go well together. Choose one or all three colours available at Spendless Shoes NZ. They are black, brown, and tan.


When wearing these to work, you'll project an air of authority and power. We all desire a woman who is determined and driven.


Style 3 - Knee-High  


From its name, knee-high boots reach the knees or slightly above or below them. They are generally tighter around the leg shaft and ankle than the top part. Admit that you have days you feel lousy and lazy to work. It is important too to consider the boots heel height


Such a bad combination, we know, but the best way to fight off the blues is to look your absolute best. Show up at your Auckland office, looking great in a pair of knee-high boots. You might like to throw in one of our clutches to elevate the look further. Collect your favourite classic boots. Checkout now!


Sometimes, all you need is a little help from Spendless Shoes NZ to make you feel so much better. Our brand shoe are very popular in other country like. australia.


Time to Hustle!


Don't waste a second dilly-dallying. Head to the Spendless Shoes NZ website or the stockist nearest you and get yourself a pair of our boots! It is one decision you will never regret. Enjoy amazing rewards and shipping discounts when you buy classic boots and sneakers using your account.


Head on to spendless boots online, search our page, sign in and sign out, log and save your password on the menu section. Hurry! All shop are on sale. Visit your nearest store.

Shop now and enjoy shopping!