Stylish Girl’s School Shoes Your Teenage Daughter Will Approve of

Finding the perfect pair of mary janes school shoes for your daughter can be one of the toughest things to do. Every parent in New Zealand can relate to this when we say girl’s leather school shoes shopping is a tough gig to take on. Your daughter may be very fussy when choosing a pair of party shoes also, so it is best to bring them along for the process.


To help you out with the shopping experience for some new girl’s and young womens shoes, we have gathered a selection of synthetic and leather school shoes styles that we know your daughter will love. Your daughter will approve of a range of elastic sided kicks, so do not worry about buying a new pair of girl’s girls leather school shoes.


If you and your daughters feel stuck, take a scroll down below and discover the latest girls leather school shoes that every female student would approve of.




First up are the lace-up girl’s school shoes. These are a classic black school shoes style of footwear that has been in fashion in the education environment for a while. They offer plenty of comfortable durable support for your daughter’s feet, so you will not have to worry about her coming home after a long day feeling sore and tired.


Lace up school shoes are a sturdy style of footwear that is made out of leather material. This leather material has a high level of endurance of wear and tear. This look also includes stretching and adapting to the shape and size of the foot wearing the pair of black lace footwear.


These girl’s junior school shoes offer a simple style of footwear that can easily blend into the uniform requirements. Lace-ups are the go-to girls leather school shoes all year round so that they can get worn during any season. These versatile and comfy kicks will get the tick of approval in no time by your daughters.


Mary-Jane Kicks!


Is your daughter looking for a feminine and in-fashion style of girl’s school shoes? Well, look no further than the Mary-jane kicks. These  mary jane shoes are hot property throughout the year.


They are a popular pair of girls junior school shoes. The t-buckle design allows breathability and a unique style to their black leather footwear. It allows your daughter to wear a pair of footwear that can help them to express their feminine side and flaunt their fashion taste.


Mary-jane kicks are created with geometric cutouts around the shoe, making them the ultimate senior girls and  junior girls footwear style for girls to wear at school. They are a super breathable and supportive pair of girl’s school shoes online to wear during the year’s warmer months.


You can avoid odour and sweat on your daughter’s feet by investing in a pair of Mary-jane kicks.




Did you know that flats are allowed to get worn during your daughter’s study time? If you are shaking your head in a ‘no’ response, then let us enlighten you. 


Flats are a casual style of senior school footwear that can get worn by some students, depending on what education environment they attend. If their school has strict uniform guidelines, then a pair of flats may not be the best choice for your daughter.


If your daughter has more flexibility with her uniform rules and loves to be a trend-setter, then a pair of flats will do the trick. These kids school shoes are stylish and comfortable for a day of studying.


Flats can come in an all-leather design or feature some sparkly elements to them, such as glitter or jewels. No matter the style, flats are the go-to footwear to make all heads turn. Your daughter will make all of the other students want to invest in a comfortable and stylish pair of flats.




Are you looking for the perfect style of premium leather that can get worn during winter? Well, we have got you sorted. A pair of boots will work wonders for your daughter during the cooler seasons.


Boots are a super protective style of footwear to wear during the winter months as they can protect your feet from rain, mud, and dirt. These girls’ black leather shoes also add a boost of height, so if your daughters want a few extra centimetres on them, these boots are a perfect choice.


Boots are a super stylish type of footwear, so wearing a pair of these girl’s school shoes throughout the day will be a statement piece no one saw coming.


These are also really versatile, with ortholite insole, so your daughter will love the fact that she can wear these throughout the day and straight into the night. Whether it is a family dinner or playdate with a friend, a pair of boots will have your daughter ready to go in no time.


Canvas Sneakers!


A fan favourite for females are the canvas sneakers. These girl’s sports shoes are the perfect style of casual shoes online to flaunt during a day of learning. Your daughter will approve of these hush puppies inspired kicks due to their laidback style and easy-to-wear features. To blend in with the uniform guidelines, a pair of canvas sneakers in all black will be your best choice. 


These sneakers offer a lace-up design to ensure your daughter's feet are secured all day long. They generally offer low base block heels for your feet, so no strain on your daughter’s feet.


Canvas sneakers are great as they can take your daughter through a day of learning and play, as well as extracurricular activities. If they love to play netball or enjoy a brisk walk straight after finishing for the day, then a pair of all-black canvas sneakers will help them do just that.


We approve of these girl’s school shoes, and we know your daughter will too!




When investing in a new pair of kids sports shoes, the best thing to do is stock up on some accessories. Comfort is the most necessary aspect of a new pair for popular brands of footwear, so ensuring your feet are feeling their very best is a must. We recommend getting your hands on some spare socks and laces.


These are the first two things that are subject to wear and tear, so having some backup socks and laces will be a blessing in disguise. If your daughter regularly struggles with sore and tired feet, then a set of innersoles may help resolve her problem.


Innersoles can add an extra layer of comfort and support for your feet and ensure that the foot is shaped correctly. This tip is more prominent for those with flat feet and does not have a defined arch in their foot. This tip is helpful, so your style of walk and the growth of your feet is achieved.


Has A Pair Of Girl’s Primary School Trail Run Shoes Caught Your Daughter’s Eye?


If you and your daughter have agreed upon a certain pair of girl’s crossing training shoes or chelsea boots, then take some time out of your day to celebrate. Finding the perfect pair of footwear is a challenge, but once it is complete, you are overwhelmed with feelings of excitement and relief. 


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