Stylish Sandals For Women Of All Ages!


Your summer collection won’t be complete without a pair of women’s sandals! These airy designs are essential in the hot weather, and they’re too stylish for you to resist. Our assortment of gorgeous styles come in all shapes and sizes, so we guarantee you’ll fall in love with something from our shelves. We’re going to give you a glimpse of some of our most sensational women’s sandals down below, so buckle in and get ready! 


Our slides are a perfect spot to start!


Do you love no-fuss styles during the summertime? Our slip-on women’s sandals will be your idea of absolute perfection. These modest but trendy shoes are a classic pick during the warmer months and look amazing with all of your favourite casual clothes. Some of our loveliest women’s sandals in this design are ones with crossover straps and round oversized buckles. These are a natural pairing with print tops and patterned dresses since they effortlessly complement other colours. 


Woven women’s sandals are another sweet pick


These types of textured shoes have been a tremendous hit throughout the last season, and we anticipate that they’ll be a popular choice as we head towards 2020! Our two leading versions are classic single banded women’s sandals and some of our pointy-toed mules. We adore the aesthetic of these lovely shoes, and we’re sure that you will too. Anyone who appreciates shoes that can elevate their outfits will love how these create an exciting new element to any look. Our women’s sandals with covered toes would make a prime work pair, and we know you’d have fun experimenting with our peep-toe versions of these textured slides as well. 


You can’t say no to flatforms!


Ladies, we’re calling these a must-have for your collection! Women’s sandals in this look have flat platform bases that will give you a height lift and keep you in perfect comfort. We think flatforms are perfect for music festivals, backyard parties, and other events out in the sunshine! However, you’d have no trouble taking women’s sandals like these out as a regular day-to-day pair, since they’re so supportive. Unlike heels, which can start causing aches and pains after a few hours, flatforms maintain their comfort and ease of wear. Our top styling tips for flatform women’s sandals is to wear them with party dresses and other semi-formal attire. 


Select some self-tie women’s sandals! 


If you have trouble finding styles that suit your ankles, then a pair of these will help you take control! Self-tie women’s sandals give you the ultimate freedom to lace them however you like. High or low, tight or loose, the faux suede ties will feel great on and flatter your leg shape. We have versions with braided rope detailing to add that little-something-extra to your look too. When you wear these cute women’s sandals with long pants or skirts, we recommend styles that stop above the ankle, so that you don’t risk covering up their most iconic features.


Don’t forget a waterproof style!


Our waterproof beach thongs are crucial women’s sandals in the summer, so make sure that you grab a pair of these from our shelves soon!


Now, let’s find your ideal women’s sandals! 


Visit us online if you’re poised and ready to take home the best designs of the season. Whether you love the sound of cosy slides, elegant flatforms, or any of our other women’s sandals, Spendless will see that you find the perfect pair at a fantastic price. Spendless Shoes will get you ready for 2020 in style, so come and browse our website today. Wonderful women’s sandals are waiting for you right now, so stop in and shop now!