Sneakers That Will Take You Anywhere

Stay active this season with a great pair of men’s sneakers! At Spendless Shoes, we have the sportiest, trendiest, and cosiest styles waiting for you on our shelves. We know that no pair will fit every person, so our vast and varied range caters to anyone’s fashion taste. Whatever your ideal set look like, we have men’s sneakers to satisfy you. So, why wait? Read on for a brief synopsis and a sneak peek into our collection of men’s sneakers. Now, let’s get to it!

First, we thought we would start with the best of our sport looks!

If you are always staying active and keeping fit, then our men’s sneakers are a natural choice. These will be the perfect companion while you work out at the gym, go for a run or early-morning jog, or play to win during your next competition. Each of these marvellous styles come with a sole designed for the best grip and traction, so moving around or changing direction quickly on a slippery court of a grassy oval will be no issue. The padded soles and built-in cushioning will absorb impact while you sprint, jump, and push your body to the limit. If you need men’s sneakers that can take you further, then it’s time that you shopped at Spendless Shoes.

Then again, our men’s sneakers aren’t just built for sports and other physical activities. Our runners and joggers balance function and fashion seemingly effortlessly, so it’s no surprise that they’re a favourite to pick as casual wear. You can get that ready-for-anything look of your men’s sneakers and the excellent comfort and support of gym gear at the same time. For a quick pick when you have to drop down to the shops or run an errand, there’s nothing better! With their adjustable laces, men’s sneakers from Spendless Shoes can be altered and changed to your liking too. Whether you have wide feet or narrow ones, customizing the tightness is effortless.

Did you know that you can wear your men’s sneakers with formal attire?

It may seem counter-intuitive to grab a set of trainers over your shiny dress shoes when you’re on the way to dinner or a special event, but they do have so unmissable benefits. For one thing, our men’s sneakers can add a modern, relaxed, and confident feel to your regular dressy ensembles. A button-down shirt with skinny jeans and a suit jacket (or suit pants and a regular jacket), and our retro trainers or streamlined men’s sneakers would be a fabulous fit.

If you aren’t sure of the dress code and don’t want to risk overdoing it, then mixing our men’s sneakers with your formal-feeling outfits will work a charm! And, depending on where the night takes you, you might appreciate having some tough but comfy trainers to dance in instead of your glossy formal shoes.

Beyond all these niche areas, men’s sneakers make a classic casual option too.

Unlike boots or sandals, our men’s sneakers also have no issue working in different seasons, and rarely seem out of place. You can chuck these on anytime and in any weather; rain or shine. This flexible wear is ideal in the transient New Zealand climate, so tourist and locals will get their fair share of use during the year. Our favourites for 2019 come in all-black and all-white, but any of the other retro monochrome men’s sneakers could be a gorgeous match for you!

Will you be taking men’s sneakers home tonight?

Have fun and enjoy spending less on our sporty styles. If you love men’s sneakers, then Spendless Shoes is the place to go!