Summer Heels Styles That Every Woman Should Be Wearing!

The Perfect Heels For Summer 

Start the holidays off in style with an awesome new pair of summer heels! At Spendless Shoes, our collection is sure to be a game-changer for your look this season. Whether you are a time-and-tested lover of stilettos and platforms or are looking to upgrade from flats finally, we have the summer heels for you!

Why picking the right set of summer heels is so important

With so many seasonal events and celebrations ready to take place, there's one reason you'll want to be more discerning with picking summer heels that you may not have considered: photographs!

If you're picking up a new pair for Christmas or New Year's Eve, then you and your summer heels are guaranteed to feature in plenty of photos from the event. Some will be your snaps, others from others, and some you will want to be destroyed as soon as possible the next morning. Either way, when you're having a look back at the event later, you want summer heels that you can remember for the right reasons.

So, what are our top picks for a memorable time?


Are you looking for a fashionable pair of summer heels? Our platform wedges should be near the top of the list! Not only are they incredibly popular, but their smart design will help you enjoy yourself for longer!
With a large block base to keep you stable and supported, our espadrilles are an excellent pick for outdoor venues with decks or lawn, and should keep you in comfort for hours on end!

With lace-up or buckled versions to choose from, our espadrilles are a modern spin on a classic wedge, and an excellent set of summer heels for any wardrobe. Try pairing yours with a striped jumpsuit or a dress in a fun floral print!

Broadly-based summer heels

If comfort and long-lasting wear are a non-negotiable feature on your new summer heels, then Spendless has even more on offer! Our stylish block-style summer heels come in all shapes and sizes, and each is more beautiful than the last.

You might try some of our lower strappy styles, or shoes with pointy toes and lovely faux suede fabric!

Fastenings to balance look and function

Our summer heels merge fashion and function flawlessly. At Spendless Shoes, we know that something as seemingly simple as your shoe fittings can have a massive impact on your overall look! We take great care with our designs and make sure that even the smallest details don't get overlooked.

Summer heels with large buckles have a cool metallic addition and bring a fast changeover on and off of your feet. If you want to accessorise with jewellery, you can effortlessly match it with the silver or gold buckle on your summer heels. Another advantage of a buckled strap is the fact that they can loosen or tighten as your comfort demands, but remain secure once they've been done up.

With tie-up laces, you can accentuate and exaggerate how slim and toned your tall summer heels make your legs look, adding to the effect and bringing a calf-brushing crisscross aesthetic that could make a ballerina blush! You can see this with our block-based styles!

Why wait? Get on it!

Head into Spendless Shoes today, or jump online, and we'd be happy to help you find a new pair of summer heels. Our friendly team members would be glad to answer your questions in person. Otherwise, we're easy to talk to remotely as well! You could email or call us, send through an official contact form, or message a team member in real-time over our LiveChat feature. So, visit us online today, and find the ultimate summer heels!