The Best Casual Shoes to Wear with Jeans

Are you struggling to find the perfect pair of women’s casual shoes? Well, do not fear because we are here to help. The team behind Spendless NZ know about all of the tips and tricks when it comes to women’s casual shoes. These kicks are perfect when they get paired with a fun set of jeans. It is an easy and simple look that any girl can quickly throw on if they rush for the day. 


To help you out of your rut for choosing the perfect pair of jeans and women’s casual shoes, we have gathered some popular styles for you to choose from. There is a huge range of women’s casual shoes that you can choose from, so you do not have to worry about the stress that comes with choosing your next pair of kicks. 


Keep on reading if you want to learn more and fall in love with your next pair of women’s casual shoes that look gorgeous with jeans! 


Style #1 – Slides


First up on the list is a pair of slides. Now, this style of footwear is a must-have for every girl’s wardrobe. These women’s casual shoes are comfortable, breathable, and super on-trend. A pair of slides are the best type of women’s casual shoes to invest in because of these factors.


The best thing about slides is that they are super easy to wear with a pair of cute jeans. Whether high-waisted, mid-rise, or low-waisted, you can easily rock a pair of slides with these jeans. 


Slides are the perfect go-to footwear for days where you find yourself in a rush or do not have time to think about how to style your next outfit. We can relate to you! That is why our favourite pair of women’s casual shoes that we love to close checkout is a pair of slides. 


They are simply the most wearable and stylish pair of women’s casual shoes that you could get your hands on. You will not want to miss out on these women’s casual shoes any time soon, so stock up whilst you can! 


Style #2 – Canvas Sneakers


Do you love adventure? And do you love laidback days in the sun? If you are nodding yes to both of these questions, then you are in luck. We bring to you the perfect pair of women’s casual shoes that can get worn on days full of adventure or relaxing. 


If you have not already guessed it correctly yet, it is all about classic canvas sneakers. These women’s casual shoes are becoming much more popular thanks to their levels of comfort and style. It is hard to find a pair of women’s casual shoes that feature comfort and style in one piece. 


Canvas sneakers are becoming a much more popular style because of these benefits, and we could not be any more obsessed. You can find a pair of canvas sneakers paired with super cute dresses or a set of gorgeous jeans. 


The perfect jeans outfit to go with these women’s casual shoes is the ones that have a ¾ cut. You will love rocking these bad boys on your day-to-day activities. So, What are your waiting for? Faster checkout new canvas sneaker from your favourite brand's store, Spendless New Zealand.


Style #3 – Sandals


Say hello to a fun pair of women’s casual shoes – the sandals! This style of footwear can get found in just about every girl’s wardrobe. We do not need to tell you more than once to invest in a pair of these sandals because everyone has already done it. Amazing, right? 


We love to see girl’s flaunting a pair of sandals in their day-to-day lives because they are often an underrated style. Many people think that sandals are not stylish or outdated, but the team behind Spendless NZ know that is not the case. 


Sandals are an up-and-coming trend, with updates to the look and feel of the footwear to keep up with modern trends. These women’s casual shoes are what everyone needs in their lives, and with the warm weather approaching, there is no better time than now. 


Every New Zealand woman can relate when we say that summer is not always super hot, but that makes purchasing a pair of sandals worthwhile. If you feel warm, but there is still a chilly breeze, all you have to do is throw on your super cute sandals and a pair of your favourite jeans, and you will be good to go! 


Style #4 – Loafers


From work to play, these women’s casual shoes will have you sorted. Treat yourself to some super cute loafers. This footwear style is the go-to pair of new arrivals kicks for when you have a busy day at work full of meetings or a date night where you need to look sophisticated. 


Whatever the occasion or event is, you can rely on a pair of loafers to take you through it. These women’s casual shoes are the style of footwear that many girls reach for when looking for workwear. Loafers are stylish, classy and easy to wear so that you can go from the office to cocktails with ease. 


There is no excuse when it comes to buying a pair of loafers. These women’s casual shoes are truly comfortable and on-trend, so get ready to rock a set of these women’s casual shoes the next time you are in the office. For a female customer creating a comfortable vibe at work, try these kicks on.


Style #5 – Boots


Are you looking for the ultimate style of women’s casual shoes to wear with a pair of jeans? If you are nodding yes, then look no further. We have brought to you the perfect style of footwear for you to wear. 


That is right; we are talking about boots! These women’s casual shoes are a must-have style for every female. Boots are a very popular style of women’s casual shoes during the cooler months, but they are fun to wear during warm months too. 


Boots come in various designs and colours, so there is plenty of room for choice with these kicks. The best part about a pair of boots is that you have the freedom to style these with any jeans you like. It does work correctly in every jeans outfit that you want.


No matter the colour, length, or height of your jeans, you can always be sure that they will look great with your boots. This jeans outfit will have you feeling like a boss all day long.


Style #6 – Ballet flats


If you love all things laidback and chill, then you have come to the right place. A pair of flats will make you feel like you are walking on air. They are breathable, lightweight, and super comfortable, so you never have to worry about sore feet. 


Flats are a style of women’s casual shoes that are always coming in and out of the fashion scene. This look is a good thing because it allows you to wear a pair of flats all year long. These women’s casual shoes look best with full-length jeans and a cute top. 


If you find that you are in the middle of winter, then a flannel jacket or oversized coat will look gorgeous with your jeans and flats. These women’s casual shoes are a must-have in your wardrobe! 

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