The Best Work Shoes For Men

Best Work Shoes For Men 

Spendless Shoes has the perfect styles for your work! Whether you need your first pair for a brand new job or a replacement for your regular old work shoes, Spendless is here to help. Whether your position takes you to the office or the construction site, we have an array of choices and looks that you can browse through. So, let's find you some work shoes!

Where to start your search

Navigating on the Spendless website is as simple as anything. From our main page, you can find the men's category listed near the top, and jump to their internal sections buy running your cursor over the word.
If you are employed in an office setting or have a reasonably formal dress code, you will find the best men's shoes for you in the "School/Work" and "Dress" categories.

Need shoes that can handle tough wear on construction or building sites? Are you an apprentice for a trade? If so, the "Work Boots" section should have what you need.

For men in retail, hospitality, fast food, bartending, or even hospice care, the perfect work shoes will come from our "Slip Resistant" range.

Get the ultimate style

Our work shoes for men are sleek and smart. You can find tan and black laced styles with a high-shine finish. These are classy enough for the most sophisticated events. These will never look out of place at the wedding. We have alternatives without laces or zips for a quick getaway in the morning— you can slide them on and go. For something a little bit different, we have trendy boots in faux suede or leather-look material. Our boots are perfect for a smart-casual setting, and you are sure to be wearing your work shoes on the weekends too.

We're Australian Safety Standard Certified!

Spendless is proud to house a range of heavy-duty work shoes, so you can help keep your feet safe with our great choices. Our boots are sturdy, durable, and most of all, comfortable! Our work shoes can handle whatever your day throws at them. The thick soles help protect feet from menaces like glass, metal bits, and nails, as well as from electrical, oil, and liquid hazards. Built-in shock absorption, arch support, and steel-caps toes are just some of the unique features that make these work shoes so excellent.

You get your choice of pull-on or laced styles as well, so anyone with a preference for one or the other will walk away happy. Our lace-up work shoes are effortless to adjust for a better fit, while the elastic panels on our pull-on boots accommodate feet of all shapes and sizes.

Some slip resistant stunners

Haven't you heard? We have a range of slip resistant work shoes too! These are ideal for any man who needs safety shoes for work. Do you know how many falls lead to accidents and injury? Too many. With work shoes from Spendless, you get to enjoy a slip-resistant sole. The non-marking, oil resistant outsole mean your work shoes should have a long and lengthy life. Feel the difference with the flexible padded innersole and heel-impact cushioning. Comfort and support are just a click away!

Final notes

It does not matter if you have required work shoes or a dress code to follow— styles from Spendless can be the perfect fit for any setting. Our versatile range caters to men from all walks of life, and for the most affordable prices. As we say, you can always get the look for less! Visit us online today, and browse around for the best work shoes!