The Boys' School Shoe Style that Everyone is Buying!

One telltale sign that the academic year is right around the corner is when parents scramble to find their children's ideal boys' school shoes. You will find them browsing magazines or reading articles like this one.


You came to the right place because Spendless New Zealand has a vast collection of boys' school shoes that everyone buys! Parents, guardians, and children love our different styles because they are comfortable, supportive, durable, and, more importantly, affordable.


If you're buying boys' school shoes for the first time, you're in for quite a ride! You get used to the busyness of the whole process! However, the frenzy never disappears, no matter how long you've been buying their footwear.


There are several styles to check, but the work continues after you've purchased the ideal pair. First, you must ensure the footwear lasts. You would want to avoid the pair you bought getting ruined after a short while.


With our team's help, your shopping will be more manageable than it sounds. Read on to learn more!


Different Styles at Spendless NZ


The designs available for boys' school shoes are famous, encouraging everyone to buy them. So whichever developmental stage your child is in, there is one suitable for him.


Style 1—Pull-On Boots


Everyone buys pull-on boots for early starters because these pairs are the easiest to wear. Wearing these is a breeze, thanks to the elastic side gussets. Your child will love how easily they can wear the footwear because they only need to slip their feet in and not worry about fasteners.


Since boots cover the feet up to the ankles, everyone loves these because they keep the feet warm and dry during winter. With New Zealand's extreme weather changes, this style will protect your child and ensure he remains stable as they go about their day.


More importantly, they protect the wearer's feet from foreign objects that might get tangled up.


Style 2—Double Straps Kids School Shoes


Everyone loves buying shoes with double straps because children can lock the footwear in place singlehandedly by pressing the straps together. This footwear has two touch-fastening straps with two nylon fabric strips each.


 One of the strips has little hooked threads, while the other has a rough surface, and your child needs to press them together to lock them. On the one hand, ripping these straps apart is hard work and makes ripping noises that you can hear.


One drawback of this fastening is the limitation on how often your child can open and close the straps. In addition, once the adhesion wears off, you must buy your child a new pair because the footwear is useless without the fastening.


Other issues against touch-fastening straps you need to know about include the following:


  • The straps regularly pick up dirt, lint, dust, or other stray debris, reducing efficiency. However, you can use household items like tweezers or duct tape to remove the attached dirt.
  • The straps can randomly attach themselves to materials and harm them.
  • The noise they produce when separating the touch-fastening straps


Style 3—Lace-Up Boys School Shoes


Everyone buys lace-up boys' school shoes once they've learned how to tie them. Teaching your child how to tie laces will require patience and daily practise, but it's a good bonding time for both. Also, once your child learns to do it independently, there's a certain level of pride


without worrying about accidentally removing their footwear. Laces are another fastener that keeps shoes on, so your child can go about their day without worrying that they might accidentally take their shoes off. With this fastener, your child can adjust it to tighten or loosen the fit.


Did you know how to keep your footwear looking fresh? Laces are the only independent fastener. When they become filthy, separate them and rinse them. Then you can hand wash them or add them to your washing machine load.


You can always buy a new one to avoid cleaning the laces. Add new laces from Spendless New Zealand before you check out. The length of the laces is essential because if they are long, your child might accidentally trip over their shoes.


High school shoes should meet the criteria of being simple, black, flat, and practical. Any footwear that isn't black, highly ornate, or has flat heels is considered inappropriate.


Style 4—Sneakers


Everyone buys sneakers so their child can wear the proper school shoes for sports clubs, teams, and physical education (PE). In addition, this footwear is ideal as your child discovers their interests and sports and makes friends by playing with other children.


In addition, you will have more peace of mind if you know they are wearing school shoes appropriate for their activities. High-impact sports can harm developing feet and bones. Thus, sneakers should be able to absorb shock.


The Proper Footwear Care


Maintaining your footwear at Spendless New Zealand is a breeze. However, you do a couple of things occasionally to prolong their lifespan. Our team at Spendless has gathered tips on how you can do that.


Apply a waterproof spray to your brand-new kicks. The surface won't be damaged if they become soaked in the rain. Add rubber outsoles and taps to the bottoms. Cleanse the interior and polish your leather.


  1. Teach Your Child How to Wear and Remove Them properly.


How boys remove their shoes impacts the wear and tear of their footwear. To properly put on their shoes, teach them to insert their thumb at the back of the shoe until their foot is inside. Then, begin by undoing the fasteners, regardless of their type, when removing them.


Sitting down, demonstrate how to cross one leg over the other knee to a young child. Then explain how to slide the toes of that foot into the shoe as far as possible. If your kid is old enough, you can have them stand and use their weight to push in their toes.


  1. Safeguard the Outer Soles


The outer soles always touch the ground, scratching and wearing them down. Regularly clean this part and clear filters with a cloth or soft brush. It also helps to polish your shoes to provide extra protection against dirt and water. Our instant shine can do the trick!


  1. Extra Care for the Inner Lining


The inner lining of this footwear can fray over time. Prevent damage to this cloth layer by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Keep the footwear in proper storage so dust won't settle on them. The inner lining has many benefits. It lessens the impact felt by the feet. They provide adequate padding and support, reducing the likelihood of foot pain.


Take part and get the shoes that everyone else is buying!


Spendless New Zealand's shoes are well-known for the comfort and support they give your child. These are the primary reasons why people purchase our custom-designed footwear. Head to our online shop or retail store close to you for a pair! Join in on the craze.


Take note of our brand's durability and longevity, which are on par with those of leading brands, and the many health benefits it provides your feet. These features are perfect for those long days in class, including flexibility, shock absorption, breathability, and traction.


The convenience of shopping in New Zealand with Spendless is unparalleled. You can choose from various shoe styles and labels— mens, womens, teens, toddlers, babies, etc.


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