The Boys School Shoes You'll Keep Buying

The start of the new academic year signals a fresh round of shopping sprees, from clothes, bags, lunchboxes, and boys' school shoes. Parents and guardians scramble to find the best shop to get footwear to see their children through the year.


Spendless New Zealand has all the stylish, comfortable, and affordable boys' school shoes that will carry your child for most of the year. But, as much as we want to tell you that they will last a whole year, there are some misconceptions and considerations you must know.


That's why spendless has a boy's school shoes like black school shoes, and high school shoes give many benefits to every foot of our children, toddler, mens, and even women.


Spendless NZ has marketing communications tools to explain how comfortable and what benefits get from these products. For example, school shoes give your boys all-day comfort and long walking hours. However, children's feet grow fast and might need a new pair of boys' school shoes later in the year.


And with the erratic weather in New Zealand, where it's possible to experience four seasons in a day, your child's boys' school shoes will get battered. However, before we worry about that, allow our team at Spendless NZ to help you choose the perfect boys' school shoes your child deserves.


Before filling your empty shopping cart, read some tips to help choose black school shoes.


Common Mistakes to Avoid


We've noticed common mistakes when shopping for boys' school shoes. Whether you live in Auckland, Wellington, or South Island, these mistakes can happen, and we'd like to help you avoid them.


  1. Not bringing your child with you.


Even though it could be tempting to leave the kid at home, bring them along when you buy boys' school shoes. Knowing their foot size is insufficient because different brands' sizes can vary. Even the men's and women's sizes are too different.


In addition, your child doesn't have the same size for both feet. For example, women us the UK, EU cm and mens are different. Likewise, EU cm in other shops abroad is not the same.


It's best to bring them with you, so they can try the boys' school shoes and practice walking around them. Also, the store is always open, so they can physically fit the shoe size.


  1. Getting the incorrect fit.


The second common mistake is related to the first point. Getting the wrongly-fitted boys' school shoes can be costly to you and your child. Footwear that is too small can result in pain in the short term and long-term problems that can manifest someday.


On the other hand, boys' school shoes that are too big can be a tripping hazard and cause discomfort. The ideal footwear size would be a thumbs width from the end of the longest toe. At Spendless NZ, we value your child's safety and are willing to assist you during the whole process.


You may consult our size guide to give you an idea of your child's Spendless NZ footwear size.


  1. Buying footwear in the morning.


Feet are at their smallest size in the morning, so it's a mistake to buy boys' school shoes early. In addition, people walk, run and move during the day, which adds to the swelling of the feet throughout the day.


We couldn't blame New Zealanders for having an active lifestyle as this country has the most scenic nature and outdoor environment. However, we at Spendless NZ suggest that you shop for boys' school shoes in the afternoon when the feet are at their largest, so the size of the footwear accommodates the expansion.


  1. Not bringing a pair of new socks during the fitting.


We emphasize the significance of new socks because last year's set may be overworn. Plus, consider how their feet may have grown since.

We suggest you take the new socks when trying out the boys' school shoes and have them walk around to see the fit and comfort together.


It is much easy to fit if you are wearing socks. So every time you fit, always wear your socks. Doing this will guarantee your child's comfort and reduce the risk of the boys' school shoes uncomfortably pressing against the skin, causing corns and blisters. In addition, you may check our available socks in our socks and laces section.


Different Spendless NZ Styles


To make it easier for you to decide what style. We trust that you are more informed about what to look for in buying boys' school shoes, so let's look at the available designs at Spendless NZ. We have two varieties: Pull-On Boots and Leather lace-ups.


We also have sneakers in this category, but we think they are too casual for dress code guidelines. However, you may consider getting a pair of sneakers if your child has casual days or for physical education (PE). So, what are your waiting for?


If your cart is empty, then Fill your shopping cart with a wide range of styles of these top brands of shoes. Our shop is always full of different styles of stock.


  1. Pull-On Boots


Black leather pull-on boots go well with a variety of uniforms. Pull-on boots are perfect for any uniform, likewise black school shoes. There are also perfect for High school shoes.

The two tabs attached to our boys' school shoes will help pull on the boots easier. So please continue shopping with us to avail of price discount for every pair of these shoes.


The sturdy soles will ensure stability and weather protection.

In addition, boots are perfect for New Zealand's changing extreme weather. Even in another country like Australia, you can travel these black school shoes by delivery or hand carry.


  1. Leather Lace-Up


The leather lace-up is perfect for your child's feet because of its breathability. In addition, the laces help keep the boys' school shoes in place. By keeping the footwear in place, you can prevent unnecessary accidents that can hurt your child.


So, add this to your shopping cart and choose high school shoes with many benefits. At Spendless NZ, we value your child's safety always. That's right, and it's not the price that matters but your child's safety.


To avoid tripping and slipping, it's also a good idea to check the length of your shoelaces. Also, the stroke width must consider too.


You can consider vegan footwear.


Parents and guardians can consider vegan-friendly boys' school shoes as an alternative to leather. Choosing it will benefit you, your child, the environment, and its inhabitants. Contrary to leather, which comes from the skin of sheep, goats, and cows, the production of vegan-friendly boys' school shoes did not use animals.


These many benefits guarantee your child's feet in choosing these top brands. Additionally, while their leather counterparts pollute and leave a significant carbon footprint, vegan-friendly footwear does not.

Interestingly, it appears that New Zealand has risen from 5th place a few years ago to 4th in the ranking for veganism in 2022.


Various fastenings


The boys' school shoes at Spendless NZ come with different fastenings like buckles, laces, and touch-fastening straps. Most preteens, teens, and adults choose boys' school shoes with laces because it's added attraction to their feet.


If your child is old enough to tie their shoelaces, we advise choosing lace-ups. Conversely, touch-fastening or buckled styles are the best boys' school shoes for younger pupils. Why?


These are simpler than laces and easier for children to complete themselves. The importance of Fastenings on boys' school shoes may go unnoticed by some parents and guardians, yet they have a massive impact on comfort and usability. Think about all your options!


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