The Casual Shoes You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Have you reached the point where you are tired of wearing the same pair of footwear? Day in and day out, you take out the same pair from your shoe closet, and you’ve had enough. Do you want to switch your style game to something more exciting without compromising comfort?

If you nodded yes to any or all of these questions, it’s time for you to get a pair of women’s casual shoes from Spendless New Zealand. The reputable brand knows how essential footwear is for ladies, affecting their mood, confidence, and comfort. With the right casual shoes, there’s a noticeable difference in how they carry themselves—an excited step, a huge smile, and a more motivated outlook. All these positives should entice you to get a pair from Spendless NZ now.

The brand’s women’s casual footwear is part of an extensive collection you didn’t know you needed. Until now, or more specifically, when you realised your daily footwear isn’t making dressing up as exciting as it used to be. How about considering some of Spendless NZ’s flats, such as loafers?

These footwear are versatile and comfortable and exude professionalism and formality without elevation. Whether you want sandals, sneakers, boots, or flats, there’s an option for every occasion, which you can all find at Spendless NZ. Each style option has a unique appeal that caters to varying tastes.

Discover all these women’s casual shoes with the help of the Spendless NZ team. Find which one suits you and your lifestyle best. If you’re ready, let’s start!


Style 1—Flats


We lightly touched on Spendless NZ’s collection of flats earlier, so let’s dive deeper. The brand has two categories for these cosy women’s casual shoes: loafers and ballet flats. The first is sturdier, while the second is more flexible and lightweight.

Loafers are a practical option to add to your shoe closet. These minimalist and classic casual shoes have been around for years, never losing popularity. And rightfully so, because wearing them is effortless. The slip-on fit makes mornings and evenings more efficient. This footwear takes seconds to wear but years to forget. 

At Spendless NZ, you can choose from five easy-to-match colours: black, orange, tan, vanilla, and white. These casual shoes have flat or chunky sole options, giving you variety. You can ensure a cosy and stylish elevation with chunky loafers, one of which is Lion, perfect for work and play. You’d never think you’ll need these shoes until you see them, with features like a thick, detailed sole, round-toe design, patent leather outer material, and a chain across.

Meanwhile, ballet flats are the second kind at Spendless NZ, named after the footwear of ballerinas, because they are flexible and lightweight. Like loafers, ballet flats are slip-on style, making wearing them a breeze. Ladies love wearing these shoes because of their lack of heels. There comes a point where comfort has more weight than height. They look excellent and stylish no matter what you wear them with, whether jeans, dresses, or leggings.

Spendless NZ’s ballet flats are available in four neutral colours: black, natural, tan, and white. Neutral casual shoes are excellent for matching your entire wardrobe. Of all the excellent options, Shade deserves a spot in your closet. These casual leather shoes have a trendy pin-punched finish and a shiny, metallic décor. Please choose the white version for its fresh and vibrant vibe!


Style 2—Sneakers


What’s the first shoe option that comes to mind when you read about women’s casual shoes? We bet it’s a pair of sneakers. This footwear has been around for years, providing ladies with the comfort, support, and style they need daily. These casual shoes offer versatility and functionality, covering your needs from running errands, hitting the gym, or hanging out with friends.

At Spendless NZ, three kinds of sneakers exist: walking, trainers, and sports luxe. While they are perfect for their specific uses, don’t limit this footwear to that. For instance, the trainers have features that make them the best gym and workout companions. But because they look striking and eye-catching, you don’t have to change to a different one after working out. Wear the same women’s casual shoes for your errands. The same thing goes with the two other kinds.  

The Spendless NZ collection of walking sneakers comes in nine excellent colours, making 10,000 steps achievable and vibrant. Choose from black, blue, green, grey, natural, pink, purple, red, or white women’s casual shoes. How about choosing Paradise from the Spendless NZ collection? This option is lightweight and flexible, with elasticised top straps for fit and security. The best part is that they’re so soft that wearing socks is optional!

Meanwhile, the trainer sneaker collection is perfect for ladies who love to work out. You never thought you’d need these shoes until you tried them. Features like ankle padding, grooved soles, and breathable material keep your workouts cosy and safe. These women’s casual shoes ensure you can perform those strenuous moves without injury. Fawn is an excellent choice. These casual shoes have different patterns and stylishly contrasting colours, making working out chic.

The last sneaker collection at Spendless NZ is perfect for those who love to look great without much effort. Take out your athletic wear, including joggers or leggings, or your laidback clothes, consisting of shorts, jeans, and denim skirts, because they will match perfectly with sports luxe sneakers. These shoes are luxurious to your feet, and you’d never want to remove them after. Baltic is a gorgeous pair of sports luxe sneakers from Spendless NZ. This fashionable option comes in black with a shimmery metallic material that creates a sleek contrast. We guarantee this footwear will be your favourite soon!


Elevate Your Style with Spendless NZ Women's Casual Shoes!


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