The Espadrille Wedge; Perfect For A Summer New Zealand Wedding

Got A Wedding To Attend And Want To Be Comfortable?

Getting ready for the big day? Do you need a stunning set of shoes to see you through a New Zealand wedding? At Spendless Shoes, we have just what you're looking for: espadrilles.

What are they?

In essence, espadrilles are wedges with a thick platform base and sandal-like straps.

So, why are espadrilles great at weddings?

For one thing, they are incredibly popular this season. If you wear espadrilles to a wedding this summer, then you will be wearing a style that's sitting at the top of the fashion world.

Secondly, they are oh-so-comfortable! Because our espadrilles have a thick platform heel, they distribute your weight more evenly as you move in them; this lessens the likelihood of muscle strain or foot cramps from occurring while you wear your espadrilles. That means you can enjoy the extra lift and your elevated height without having to worry about how sore and sorry for yourself you will be feeling the day after. And don't forget— you also have the slimming, flattering, leg-elongating look that comes with wearing heels in the first place!

Are they high or low?

Our espadrilles range from as high as seven centimetres to as tall as thirteen centimetres, which means we have styles that everyone can enjoy. If you need something long and elegant to wear to a formal occasion, or something slightly smaller to last you from dawn until dawn, then our espadrille collection will be perfect for you!

Additional décor

Another benefit of espadrilles is the fact that they come with all sorts of accessories and decorations to dress them up more. At Spendless, we love our espadrilles with a little bit of dazzle on the top. Rhinestones and diamantes are a much-loved look, especially when across the top toe straps. If you have a dress that incorporates glitter or some metallic element or you want to match your makeup or jewellery to your shoes, then a pair of sparkling espadrilles will be the perfect match.

In this adventure, you get to choose for your comfort

Our espadrilles have several different kinds of fastenings, so the decision is all up to you. You might try one of our tie-up espadrilles, where you can place them high and tight up your calves ballerina-style, or bunch them low at your ankle. Our buckled ankle straps are another excellent choice, as you can change the fit fast and efficiently.

A pair you can reuse as you wish

Espadrilles can easily get reintegrated back into your regular casual wardrobe. Unlike other heels and wedding shoes, you won't have to keep these bundled up in a box in your closet until another formal occasion appears down the line. With espadrilles, you can always get your money's worth of wear! Pair these fabulous wedges with your best summer styles and enjoy an effortless look.

One thing to note

As much as we love the big platform base on these espadrilles, heels of any kind aren't always appropriate for walking on the sand. If your next wedding invite says something about a ceremony on the shoreline, it might be best to hang-up the espadrilles for now, and select some cute little flats instead.

So, what will it be?

If you need the perfect pair of shoes to wear to a New Zealand wedding, then look no further than our espadrilles! These spectacular wedges are glamorous, chic, and an excellent choice. They fit flatteringly on your feet and ankles and will pair off well with bridal attire. Check out our range online today for a look at the whole collection. Got any questions? Submit a contact form, or talk to one of our friendly team members in real-time using our LiveChat feature.