The Five Most Popular Kids School Shoes This Season

Who needs new kids’ school shoes? Spendless has got five fantastic types for you to consider today! 


Let’s begin with classic classroom styles!


You can’t go wrong with a traditional pair of kids’ school shoes! Conventional classroom styles are always at the top of a student’s shopping list, especially when they’re as affordable as the pairs at Spendless. These shiny black kids’ school shoes come as either lace-up or touch-fastening styles, and they’re an instant match with any uniform. Since these are pairs that your children will wear week-in and week-out, Spendless makes these pairs to last! Our kids’ school shoes are supportive, durable, and come at a great price. Who could say no to such stellar styles? 


The girls all love our Mary-Jane kids’ school shoes!


Try something new for your daughter this season. Is your little girl bored with typical kids’ school shoes? These trendy sandals and their stylish geometric cut-outs are sure to put the smile back on your child’s face. While Mary-Jane pairs are more open than classic kids’ school shoes, they have the same basic shape and keep toes covered, so they’ll be welcome in the classroom and on the playground. While most of our designs in this look come with buckled straps, we also have a bunch of smaller designs with touch-fastening tabs, so girls of all ages can get a set that suits their needs! 


Colourful sneakers are a popular pick!


These lively kids’ school shoes will brighten up your child’s uniform! Are your children free to wear sneakers and trainers in any colour with their PE clothes? Well, get excited! Spendless has heaps of vibrant kids’ school shoes with splashes of green, orange, blue, yellow, purple, and more! Bring the fun back into your child’s wardrobe with these eye-catching active styles. Don’t forget about our fabulous Licensed styles either. Some of these awesome kids’ school shoes will light up as your little one walks, so they’ll be a hit from day one! Our Licensed styles can also be themed and have cartoon characters decorating the sides, like magical Queen Elsa, superheroes like Spiderman and Batman, and more! Your children will get spoiled for choice with these active kids’ school shoes! 


Block-coloured sportswear will satisfy strict uniform rules! 


Spendless can provide kids’ school shoes that will suit any dress code. If your children aren’t allowed to wear brightly-coloured sneakers or trainers, then our single-toned styles are the next best thing. Our white and black pairs come with excellent arch support, cosy ankle padding, great grip on the soles, and more sports-ready features. Your children might not find the colours as exciting as some of our other pairs, but there will be no complaints about their performance! It’s no wonder these kids’ school shoes are a go-to in 2020! 


Get your hands on our casual trainers!


How relaxed is your child’s dress code? Not every administration insists on placing strict rules on kids’ school shoes. At the bare minimum, students will be expected to wear lace-up styles made from a black material, but the details beyond that will be fair game. If this sounds like your little one’s dress code, then we have some sensational kids’ school shoes in mind! Our casual trainers are slimmer and sleeker than our sportswear, but more flexible and casual than conventional uniform pairs. These sporty-feeling kids’ school shoes are the happy medium between those designs, and the glossy black finish will satisfy the teachers. Plus, we’re sure that students will love wearing their trendy trainers on the weekends too! 


So, what will it be?


Conventional kids’ school shoes, Mary-Jane sandals, colourful sneakers, single-tones sportswear, or casual trainers? The choice is yours at Spendless!