The Heels You Need in Your Wardrobe Right Now

We know how important it is to have a pair of heels in your wardrobe. There is always a challenge when it comes to shopping for a new favourite pair of pumps. How do you know which shoe style is right for you? Or which shoes will look best with your outfit?


All these questions are common for women when they shop for their new pair of high heels. To make your shopping experience much easier, we have gathered a range of styles for you to choose from. Every woman in New Zealand will have access to these tips about the best pumps in fashion. Find your best pair of heels right here with the products at Spendless Shoes NZ. 


If you are keen to find your next best pair of pumps, keep on reading! We have all the fun and fashionable styles right here for you! 


Block Heels!


First up on the menu is a pair of block heels. We love that these pumps and they are one of the trendiest shoes that are currently in fashion. You will find that wearing a pair of these pumps will bring you so much comfort and breathability. 


There is no better feeling than wearing a pair of shoes that will keep you feeling comfortable and supported from morning until night. We know that a set of block kitten heels are super on-trend at the moment because of how stylish and flexible they are. 


You will find that a pair of these pumps come in various colours, designs, and patterns. This tip means that you have plenty of options when deciding on what pair of pumps to buy. Investing in block heels will make you feel confident and classy all day long. The best part about wearing these shoes is that you can dress them up or wear them in a casual setting. 


There is no limit to how you choose to style these pumps. These heel shoes will become your new go-to pair of pumps in no time!        


Wedge Heels!


Treat yourself with this pair of wedge heels! These bad boys are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. These pumps are versatile, breathable, and super supportive. Your feet will have the best experience when you wear a pair of wedge heels. 


The benefit of investing in these shoes is that you can wear them to any event and occasion. Whether it is a picnic by the park or a fancy dinner in the city, you can always rely on your pair of wedges to take you through. These pumps are the perfect addition to any outfit pop because they can take your look from drab to fab. Wedge heels are the stylish type of pumps that come in a selection of colours and designs to suit your specific needs. 


A pair of wedges take inspiration from European fashion. Every woman would own at least one pair of wedges to take them through the warm summer days. Their summer fashion includes of plenty loose-fitting clothes and shoes that let you show off some skin. 


Bring the trend to you and rock a pair of wedge heels during the warmer months of the year. These pumps are perfect for you if you love to rock a set of fashionable kicks. Reach new heights with these shoes.


Stiletto Heels!


Say hello to a pair of sexy stilettos! These stiletto heels are a perfect addition to everyone’s wardrobe. Every woman needs at least a pair of stilettos in their shoe collection. These are classic style of shoe that has been in and out of the fashion scene for years. They come in and out of trendy fashion, making them easy shoes to wear all year round. 


They can turn you from a casual look into a formal and classy fit, so you can rely on these kicks to provide you with plenty of versatility. By owning a pair of versatile stilettos, you can be sure to find that they look great with just about every outfit. 


We love to pair these pumps with a cute bodycon dress or a mini skirt and bodysuit top. This look is great when styled with a blazer on top as well. The options are endless when you wear a pair of stilettos so that you will fall in love with our range of stilettos. 


Platform Heels! 


Do you love the chunky look? Or do you prefer to wear shoes with a boost of height? If you are nodding yes to these questions, then you have come to the right place. A pair of platform high heels can help you to achieve both of these looks. 


The sole on these pumps is thick and chunky, which assists with comfort and height levels. These pumps are similar to a pair of stilettos, but instead, they are much more comfortable and wearable during a special event or family occasion. 


Platform heels are a little less formal when compared to a pair of stilettos. The platform heels offer a casual-chic vibe, which some women prefer when they hunt for new shoes. 


We love to see these platform heels get styled with a maxi dress or a pair of high-waisted jeans and a cute top. There is no better feeling than finding the perfect pair of pumps that you and wear with just about everything. You will love investing in a set of these kicks! 


Boots With Heels!


If you are looking for the perfect pair of pumps that can take you through every season of the year, then a set of heeled boots is the style for you. These look great with just about every outfit, so you will never have a bad shoe day. 


Boots with heels can get dressed up or kept casual, depending on the vibe you want. A range of boots with heels is always on offer, no matter what season of the year it is. You can easily rock a pair of these shoes with any outfit you like. 


The best thing about rocking a pair of heeled boots is that these come in a range of designs, colours, and styles. You will find that these heels are popular in the style of knee-high and thigh-high boots. 


Ankle boots with heels are common for many women to wear during the cold seasons of the year. Once you can show off some more skin during the warmer months, then a pair of knee-high or thigh-high heeled boots will be your new go-to. 


These heels look best when styled with an oversized shirt dress or a flowy skirt and crop top. There are plenty of looks for you to choose from with these heels! 


Platform Sandals!


Check out a pair of these platform sandals. Fall in love with these platform shoes. Platform sandals are classified as heels because of the height they provide from the shoe's base. These heels are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. 


The best thing about platform sandals is that they are a much more comfortable style of heels than stilettos. Platform sandals are perfect for a more casual setting which means you can wear these heels daily without ever worrying about your feet feeling sore and tired. 


There are plenty of styles for everyone to enjoy when it comes to a pair of platform sandals. 


Ready to Invest in a New Pair of Heels?


We know that a pair of pumps can be the perfect addition to your outfit. The range of women's heels we have suggested is sure to give you plenty of inspiration on what set you need in your life next. If you have fallen in love with a set of heels and low heels, then head to the Spendless Shoes NZ website to discover more!


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