The hottest trends for men’s shoes in 2018

2018 hottest trends for Men 

At Spendless, we are always watching for the hottest styles and the newest trends where and when they happen. Today, we are reporting back to you. Here is a quick summary of the best looks in men's shoes for 2018. Why are they popular? How do you style them? And, most importantly, what men's shoes do Spendless have to offer you? Get ready to find out.

1) Desert boots

Desert (or Chukka) boots have made themselves a big name this season, even as the weather warms up. You can identify these men's shoes by spotting their lace-up design and soft fabric or faux suede finish. At Spendless, we love these in browns and tans, but you can also find them in black.

These have also been a favourite for winter or outdoor weddings. They are men's shoes that provide more cover and protection for your feet, but their sophistication comes through in other ways. Their faux suede materials add an extra element of style, where the laidback leather-look of a Chelsea-style boot can falter a little. These men's shoes look great with navy or grey suits, which can be a more modern twist on the standard black.

2) All-white trainers

This trend has been in for a while, and they do not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. All-white trainers are the ideal men's shoes for casual and weekend wear. The look as good with chinos as they do with jeans, which means you can dress them up or down as you want. If you're going to go hang out with the boys or head to a party on a Friday night, these are an excellent choice.

3) Loafers

Try not to be surprised. Loafers have made a significant leap in popularity over the last little while— especially since they were rediscovered as good men's shoes to wear for travel. You cannot deny that their slide-on style saves time (an ideal feature for guys who are always in a rush to get up and go), or that their laidback style adds a relaxed kind of confidence to any outfit. These men's shoes are taking up residence in office wear and on the feet of workers who have a more easy-going dress code. We recommend keeping an eye on other men's shoes in a slide or slip-on look; these have taken off in the women's section for 2018, and it seems highly likely that more will make their way into men's shoes soon.

4) Lightweight sneakers with chunky bases

Retro trainers have been a steady style in men's shoes for the last year or so, but sneakers have certainly been sneaking their way up the popularity ladder. If you are a regular at the gym or love wearing exercise wear casually, then these men's shoes are the ones for you. They have a slightly sportier tread than a standard trainer, which means you can wear them during a workout or for a run. Their lightweight model and a thick, cushiony base make for the ultimate in comfort.

5) Sandals

Remember how we said to watch out for slide and slip-on men's shoes? Slides have been a hit in men's shoes at the moment, and with the weather heating up towards spring, there has never been a better time to grab a pair. These are essential for anyone who wants men's shoes they can throw on whenever they need. At Spendless, our favourite of these men's shoes come in black, white, and grey.

There you have it!

Five basic styles and trends to keep in mind in 2018 when you shop for men's shoes. Shop at Spendless today, and get your next pair of men's shoes for less.