The Ideal Pair Of Kids Shoes!

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Spendless has everything you need to know below!


What makes an ideal pair of kids’ shoes?


If there’s one thing to keep in mind about footwear for children, it’s the fact that children are constantly growing out of them. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow the growth spurt is, but you’re guaranteed to be updating kids’ shoes every few months for a larger size. With this in mind, Spendless has some aspects of our range designed to aid our customers’ transition smoothly to bigger kids’ shoes.


Firstly, our collection of kids’ shoes spans a vast range from toddler to preteens.


As such, it’s impossible to shop for an average foot at Spendless and not find a style that fits! Since our kids’ shoes and adult styles also merge straight into one another, teens should have no trouble moving on to the older range.


Secondly, each of our styles also encompasses multiple sizes.


If your child is devastated when they outgrow a much-loved set of kids’ shoes, it’s likely that Spendless has a ready-to-go replacement waiting on our shelves.


Since the cold weather is drawing closer, we figured it was time to talk about boots.


At Spendless, we have a range of styles for boys and girls which will keep tiny toes warm all winter. Boys have several designs to choose from, including zip-up laced kids’ shoes and stretchy boots that pull onto feet fast. With their padded ankle cuffs and spongey soles, these looks get built for the best comfort imaginable. We love the look of boys’ boots in 2019, and we know that your children will too! Now, what about the girls?


Kids’ shoes from this range have even more variety than our collection for boys. You can get tall or short boots, ones with fluffy lining or décor, and much more! Whatever you pick, Spendless styles will see you through the season.


Every child should have some sporty kids’ shoes!


If your little ones are bundles of energy and love sports (or going out to play), then sneakers and trainers are a must! Remember— these are some of the comfiest kids’ shoes in our collection. Do your children love cartoons or superheroes? Our Licensed trainers could be a wonderful fit and their new go-to pair! Your children will adore seeing their favourite characters on the sides of their sneakers. With the option of laced uppers, touch-fastening tabs, or a combination of both, you can customise these to be more age-appropriate too!


So, what makes an ideal formal style?


When you shop for kids’ shoes at Spendless, you have the advantage of getting designs as fashionable as the adult ones. Many of our most popular looks for girls and boys are miniaturised versions of what their parents will get, such a little block heel and glossy kids’ shoes. When the whole family heads out to a formal event, getting everyone to match with be a breeze.


What about kids’ shoes that are easy to manage?


Our top pick for messy children this winter have to be rain boots! Not only will these kids’ shoes keep feet and legs dry, but they’re also excellent for wear outdoors all year. Wiping off mud, leafy bits, and other things that get stuck on kids’ shoes takes second with rain boots. Just hose them down or sponge them off, and you’re back in business! Don’t stress the small things; let your children have fun in puddles and mud patches, knowing their footwear won’t get ruined.  


Why wait?


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